1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
232 09-Sep-03 Addie A. Moon F Chippewa John Moon Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Sarah Moon   Michigan    
233 04-Feb-03 Hazel Goffnett F Chippewa Jacob Goffnett Chippewa Indiana Thrasher  
          Melinda Goffnett   New York    
234 18-Dec-03 Doris Woodbury F Chippewa Lester Woodbury Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Rhoda Woodbury   Michigan    
235    21-Jul-03 Arby Allen M Chippewa Perry Allen Chippewa Indiana Farmer  
          Emma Allen   Michigan    
236 1/2 16-Oct-03 Harold Stanley Bays M Denver William Stanley Bays Leaton Canada Engineer  
          Delia Bowerman   Michigan    
237 1/2 12-May-03 Harold Otis Letham M Sherman Chelsa L Latham Remus Michigan Farmer  
          Hattie Doyle   Michigan    
238 1/2 01-Aug-03 Elan Garfield Oberlin M Broomfield William Oberlin Broomfield Michigan Farmer  
          Myrtle Mount   Michigan    
236 20-May-03 Philip Phelps M Chippewa Philip Phelps Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Bedella Phelps   Michigan    
237 20-Oct-03 Alice Butler F Chippewa Frank Butler Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Allie Butler   Michigan    
238 24-Sep-03 Roxford Wolf M Shepherd Charles Wolf Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Sarah Wolf   Michigan    
239 23-Aug-03 Fred Johnson M Chippewa Dwight Johnson Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Laura Johnson   Ohio    
240 26-Aug-03 Henry Wing M Chippewa Wallace Wing Chippewa Massachusetts Farmer  
          Myola Wing   Michigan    
241 28-Jan-03 Franklin Flory M Chippewa Ferris Flory Chippewa Ohio Farmer  
          Alma Flory   Michigan    
242 28-Jul-03 Flossie Kepler F Chippewa Ernest Kepler Chippewa Germany Farmer  
    Later chg: Kappler     Nellie Kepler   Illinois    
243 03-Aug-03 Lorence Davis M Chippewa Ernest Davis Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Ronk Davis   Michigan    
244 22-Feb-03 Martha Barnes F Chippewa Frank Barnes Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
245 08-Aug-03 Nettie McBride F Chippewa John Mcbride Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
246 18-Sep-03 Jessi Murny M Chippewa Samuel Murny Chippewa Ohio Farmer  
247 02-Jan-03 Garland Flansburg M Chippewa Andrew Flansburg Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Mabel Flansburg   Michigan    
248 26-Jul-03 Caroline Frasier F Chippewa James Frasier Chippewa Ohio Farmer  
          Cottie Frasier   Michigan    


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