1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
213 18-Aug-03 Rose A. Tobin F Union Thomas Tobin Union Canada Laborer  
          Sarah Tobin   Iowa    
214 28-Mar-03 Iva M. Jones F Union Gilbert Jones Union Michigan Farmer  
          Rose Jones   Michigan    
215 15-Aug-03 Minnie Hobbs F Union Mason Hobbs Union Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Hobbs   New York    
216 01-Apr-03 Dorothy B. Lynch F Union R. G. Lycnh Union Wisconsin Farmer  
          Jessie Lynch   Michigan    
217 01-Nov-03 Kate Corcoran F Lincoln James Corcoran Union Canada Laborer  
          Nellie Corcoran   Canada    
218 18-Jun-03 George F. Deprey M Union Elmer E. Deprey Union Michigan Laborer  
          Edith Deprey   Michigan    
219 04-Jul-03 Asahel O. Arser M Union Cyrus A. Arser Union Canada Farmer  
          Laverna Arser   Michigan    
220 17-Aug-03 Bernice A. Bellinger F Union Fred Bellinger Union Michigan School Teacher  
          Ruth Bellinger   Illinois    
222 23-Jan-03 George M. Cole M Union Warner Cole Union Michigan Farmer  
          Cora Cole   Michigan    
222 10-Jul-03 Geroge L. Dibble M Unon David Dibble Union Michigan Farmer  
          Lizzie Dibble   Ohio    
223 26-Apr-03 Inez Henrietta Froggett F Coe William Wesley Froggett Shepherd Michigan Farmer  
          Ida Voirol   Ohio    
222 08-Oct-03 Della M. Duke F Union Antoine Duke Union France Laborer  
          Katy Duke   Michigan    
224 17-Jul-03 Lillian M. Jones F Union Loren C. Jones Union Michigan Laborer  
          Grace Bufford Jones   Ohio    
225 18-Mar-03 Fannie A. Diehl F Union Charles H. Diehl Union Michigan Farmer  
          Minnie Diehl   Michigan    
226 01-May-03 Doris Lucile Davidson F Union William R. Davidson Union Ohio Farmer  
          Dottie Davidson   Ohio    
227 21-Jun-03 Harry D. Loney M Unon George Loney Unon Ohio Farmer  
          Laura Loney   Ohio    
228 10-Apr-03 Alvey S. Gurnsey M Chippewa Aloiy Gurnsey Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Minnie Gurnsey   Ohio    
229 09-Oct-03 Jessie Jessie Curl F Chippewa Monroe Curl Chippewa Ohio Farmer  
          Mary Curl   Ohio    
230 14-Aug-03 Emily E. Latie F Chippewa Frank Latie Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Addie Latie   Michigan    
231 28-Jan-03 George Smith M Chippewa William Smith Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Marrha Smith   Michigan    


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