1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any, and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
20 21-Aug-03 Charles C. Ingraham M Coe William Ingraham Coe West Virginia Farmer  
          Allie Ingraham   Missouri    
21 13-Jun-03 George M Wilkie M Shepherd Daniel Wilkie Coe Michigan Stoen Mason  
          Minnie Wilkie   Michigan    
22 09-Nov-03 Herbert L. DeWitt M Coe Ruthifer DeWitt Coe Michigan Laborer  
          Adie DeWItt   Michigan    
23 01-Jul-03 Leona belle Leonard F Coe Almond C. Leonard Coe Michigan Merchant  
          Elizabeth May McClellan   Michigan    
24 13-Oct-03 Elsie Elmira Kyes F Coe l. D. Keyes Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Sarah Ann Post   Michigan    
25 09-Oct-03 Goldie M. Reynolds F Coe William Reynolds Coe Michigan Laborer  
          Mary Reynolds   Ohio    
26 14-Mar-03 Hurshal Raymond Childs M Coe Raldin Childs Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Edna Post   Michigan    
27    05-Dec-02 Philma M. Rider F Coe G. Rider Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Franci Rider   Michigan    
27 1/2 24-Sep-03 Vera Ione Johnson F Coe William Merritt Johnson Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Ethel Jane Leonard   Michigan    
28 09-Mar-03 Winnie R. Tibbels F Shepherd Charles Tibbels Coe Michigan Carpenter  
          Ann Tibbels   Michigan    
29 21-Feb-03 Charles L. Mitchell N Coe Arthur Mitchell Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Flora Mitchell   Michigan    
30 06-Jan-03 Deltel Crawford N Coe William Elmer Crawford Coe Ohio Farmer  
          Maggie Kiter Crawford   Pennsylvania    
31 01-Jun-03 Gerald Thomas N Midland Co. Charles Thomas Coe Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Grace Thomas   Michigan    
32 26-Jun-03 Ira Wane Leonard N Shepherd George Leoanrd Shepherd Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Mary Leonard   Michigan    
33 08-Aug-03 Hazel M. Sivade F Shepherd Lewis Sivade Shepherd Ohio Laborer  
          Anna Sivade   Ohio    
34 14-Jul-03 Irene Fishburn F Coe Lewis Fishburn Coe Ohio Laborer  
          Elizabeth Fisthurn   Ohio    
35 03-Jul-03 Liny Husted F Lincoln unknown Lincoln      
      Illegit.   Alzada Husted   Michigan    
36 25-Jul-03 Jain Adams F Shepherd Harry Adams Shepherd Ohio Barber  
          Inah Adams   New York    
37 25-Jul-03 Vernie D. Adams N Shepherd Harry Adams Shepherd Ohio Barber  
          Inah Adams   New York    
38 15-Aug-03  Stahl N Coe Eldon Stahl Coe Michigan Farmer  
    Later named: Harold Roamin      Elicabeth Thomas   Pennsylvania    


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