1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any, and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
189 17-Mar-03 Claude Butler M Union Manely Butler Union Michigan Laborer  
          Ella Butler   Michigan    
190 12-Jul-03 Henel F. Dart F Union Ellis Dart Union Michigan Farmer  
          Margaret Dart   Michigan    
191 17-Dec-03 Robert E. Quilan M Union William Quinlan Union Canada Farmer  
          Barbara Quinlan   Canada    
192 19-Feb-03 Joseph E. Thompson M Union William Thompson Union Michigan Farmer  
          Catheine Thompson   Canada    
192  1/2 14-May-03 Earnie Grover Delong M Coldwater Irma Delong Lake Michigan Farmer  
          Mina May Navarre   Michigan    
199 22-Dec-03 Virgilene Shaw F Union William Shaw Union Canada Laborer  
          Florence J. Shaw   Michigan    
200 09-Jan-03 Abrah Beatrice Easly F Union Seth B. Dacy Union Michigan Farmer  
          Viola Camfield Cady   Michigan    
201 09-Aug-03 Edwin B. Whitney M Isabella Nathaniel Whitney Union Canada Laborer  
          Laura Whitney   Canada    
202 07-Oct-03 William O. Courter M Ashley Wesley Courter Union New Jersey Farmer  
          Anna Courter   Michigan    
203 04-Sep-03 Reva E. Hudson F Mt. Pleasant John C. Hudson Union Michigan Laborer  
          Betha Hudson   Canada    
204 29-Aug-03 Mary M. Trim F Union John Trim Union Michigan Laborer  
          Mary Trim   Michigan    
205 03-Aug-03 Carrie Blossom Kinch F Mt. Pleasant Seath Kinch Union Michigan Farmer  
          Ada Kinch   Michigan    
206 02-Feb-03 Elmer E. Brookens M Union Coral Brookins Union Ohio Farmer  
          Minnie M. Brookins   Canada    
207 23-Sep-03 Walter Tracy M Union Peter Tracy Union Michigan Farmer  
          Memberance Tracy   Michigan    
207 1/2 17-Oct-03 Lester Edwin Reed M Deerfield George A. Reed Mt. Pleasant Canada Farmer  
          Nettie Johnson   Canada    
208 12-Sep-03 Ervin Sylvester Barnard M Union Carl S. Barnard Union Michigan Farmer  
          Rhoda Shight   Michigan    
209 07-Apr-03 Catherine E. McDonald F Union John McDonald Union Canada Farmer  
          Anna McDonald   New York    
210 26-Nov-03 Ethel M. Wilson F Union William J. Wilson Union Canada Farmer  
          Merta Wilson   Michigan    
211 30-Mar-03 Benjamin C. June M Union Charles D. June Union Michigan Laborer  
          Alice June   Michigan    
212 20-Jul-03 Byron A. Chesbro M Union Geroge Chesbro Union Michigan Laborer  
          Edna Chesbro   Ohio    


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