1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
132 1/2 01-Jun-03 Donald Elton Urie M Deerfield Thomas S. Urie Boyden Michigan Farmer  
          Ella Gallagher   Michigan    
133 23-Nov-03 Lenhart Cook M Broomfield Carl Cook Broomfield Germany Farmer  
          Mary Cook   Michigan    
134 20-Sep-03 Carl Richardson M Broomfield William Richardson Broomfield Michigan Farmer  
          Daisy Richardson   Michigan    
135 09-Nov-03 Melinda Young F Broomfield Thomas Young Broomfield Ohio Farmer  
          May Young   Michigan    
136 26-Mar-03 Emogene V. Miller F Deerfield Thomas Miller Deerfield Canada Farmer  
          Mary Miller   Canada    
137 01-Sep-03 Edward B. Brenner M Deerfield Frank Brenner Deerfield Germany Farmer  
          Rosa Brenner   Ohio    
138 17-Mar-03 Gerald Sheffold M Deerfield Franklin Sheffold Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
138 1/2 17-Mar-03 Harold Franklin Sheffold M Deerfield Millie Sheffold   Canada    
139 17-May-03 Mary Fitzgerald F Deerfield Thomas Fitzgerald Deerfield Canada Farmer  
          Elizabeth Fitzgerald   Canada    
140 24-Dec-03 Katerine Fitzgerald F Deerfield Thomas Fitzgerald Deerfield Canada Farmer  
          Elizabeth Fitzgerald   Canada    
141 01-Oct-03 Catherine E. Donahue F Deerfield William Donahue Deerfield Canada Farmer  
          Margaret Donahue   New York    
142 18-Dec-03 Anna Thelen F Deerfield Peter Thelen Deerfield Tennesee Farmer  
          Mary Thelen   Ohio    
142 28-Oct-03 Arthur L. Logan M Deerfield William Logan Deerfield Canada Agent  
          Mary Logan   Canada    
144 10-Dec-03 Masena M. Purtell F Deerfield Robert H. Purtell Deerfield Canada Farmer  
          Cora Purtell   New York    
145 11-Sep-03 John I. E. Torpey M Deerfield John Torpey Deerfield Michigan Laborer  
          Mary E. Torpey   Michigan    
146 22-Aug-03 Ella B. Myers F Deerfield Frees J. Myers Deerfield Germany Farmer  
          Augusta Domas   Germany    
147 10-Apr-03 Helen Gordon F Deerfield William Gordon Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Minnie Gordon   Ohio    
147 1/2 29-Aug-03 Rosa  C. Egleston F Deerfield Henry A. Egleston Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Jane W. Egleston   Ohio    
148 14-Sep-03 Frank Adams M Deerfield Thomas Adams Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Nellie Adams   Michigan    
149 06-Oct-03 Fannie Stutting F Deerfield Arnold Stutting Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Lydia Stutting   Ohio    
150 03-Oct-03 Sylvia Pohlman F Deerfield Charles Pohlman Deerfield Germany Farmer  
          Grace Pohlman   Michigan    



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