1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any, and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
1 09-May-03 Nina Leona Cline F Coe James Cline Coe Virginia Farmer  
          Allie Cline   Michigan    
2 11-Oct-03 Wilber C. Reese M Coe Charles Reese Coe Indiana Farmer  
          Inez Reese   Michigan    
3 08-Apr-03 Rex Saunders M Shepherd Charles Saunders Shepherd Michigan Clerk  
          Zula Saunders   Michigan    
4 01-Apr-03 Arthur L. Jones M Shepherd C. H. Jones Shepherd Illinois Butter Maker  
          Hattie Jones   Michigan    
5 11-Oct-03 Dale M. Vrendenburg M Shepherd Perry H. Vrendenburg Shepherd Michigan Farmer  
          Caroline Elizabeth DuBois    Michigan    
6 08-Jul-03 John Roberts M Shepherd H. H. Roberts Shepherd Michigan Farmer  
          Lina Roberts   Michigan    
7 01-Oct-03 Lula May Fishburn F Shepherd Clarence Fishburn Shepherd Ohio Laborer  
          Rose Fishburn   Ohio    
8 04-Jan-04 Carl O'Boyle M Shepherd Phe O'Boyle Shepherd Michigan Farmer  
          Della O'Boyle   Michigan    
9 08-Jul-03 Lena Belle Struble F Shepherd A. J. Struble Shepherd Ohio Farmer  
          Jennie E. Sruble   Michigan    
10 23-Jul-03 Geraldine Insley F Shepherd George Insley Shepherd Canada Blacksmith  
          Edith Insley   Indiana    
11 10-Oct-03 Hazel E. Acre F Shepherd Cylde Acre Shepherd Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Acre   Ohio    
12 19-Oct-03 Earnest Conklin M Shepherd Earnest C. Conklin Shepherd Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Conklin   Michigan    
12 1/2 04-Mar-03 Albert John Varrette M Vernon Joseph Varrette Clare Canada Farmer  
          Lena Ratlie   Canada    
13 15-Jan-03 Roberts F Shepherd Pat Roberts Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Bertha Roberts   Michigan    
14 06-Sep-03 Marion Gail McFarren F Coe McFarren Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Addie May Anderson   Pennsylvania    
15 21-Jun-03 Orlando Priestly M Coe James Priestly Coe New York Farmer  
          Alta Priestly   Michigan    
16 14-May-03 Orlesta Walling F Coe Charles Walling Coe New York Farmer  
          Elizabeth Walling   Michigan    
17 01-Sep-03 Otho Dale Bayes M Coe Frank Bays Coe Ohio Farmer  
          Lillie Fairchild   Ohio    
18 27-Aug-03 Tressie M. Florin F Coe Henry Florin Coe Ohio Farmer  
    Later chg: Florian     Rose Florin   Michigan    
19 26-Oct-03 Laura Battles F Seville Twp J. J. Battles Coe Michigan Merchant  
        Gratiot Co. Susie Battles   Ohio    


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