1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
431 5-Sep-02 Mary Louise Richmond F Mt. Pleasant John P. Richmond Mt. Pleasant Minnesota Laundry Man  
          Josie Richmond   Michigan    
432 18-Apr-02 Francis Bringard M Mt. Pleasant Framl Bringard Mt. Pleasant Michigan Saloon Keeper  
          Rose Bringard   Canada    
433 5-Jul-02 John Lewis Myers M Mt. Pleasant John Myers Mt. Pleasant Switzerland Laborer  
          Tilly Myers   Ohio    
434 20-Jul-02 Maggie E. Chard F Mt. Pleasant Charles W. Chard Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer  
          Mary Eliza Tyler   Canada    
435 10-Jul-02 Albert Ladoc M Ontario Louis Ladoc Mt. Pleasant Canada Meat Cuter  
        Canada Eugenia Ladoc   Canada    
435 1/2  22 Mar1903 Bernard Lyle Palmatier M Mt. Pleasant Earl Volney Palmatier Mt. Pleasant Michigan Salesman  
          Mary Amelia Hamilton   Canada    
436 24-Dec-02 Theerela Wilkey F Mt. Pleasant Duncan James Wilkey Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer  
          Mary Torpey   Canada    
437 4-Feb-02 Bernice Gravenstein F Mt. Pleasant Frank Gravenstein Mt. Pleasant   Laborer  
          Emma Gravenstien   Michigan    
438 27-Dec-02 Berted Evans M Mt. Pleasant John Evans Mt. Pleasant Germany Laborer  
          Anna Evans   Michigan    
439 6-Apr-02 Rosanna Farmer F Mt. Pleasant William Farner Mt. Pleasant New York Laborer  
          Elizabeth Farner   New York    
440 16-Jun-02 Ward Foster M Michigan Frank Foster Mt. Pleasant   Laborer  
          Norah Foster   Indiana    
441 13-Jun-02 Andrew E. Wilson M Midland Andrew Wilson Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer  
          Julia Wilson   Michigan    
442 30-May-02 Roy Beverly Frances M Mt. Pleasant Alfred M. Frences Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer  
          Menervey Bradt Frances   Canada    
443 15-Nov-02 Bruce McMyler M Mt. Pleasant Michael McMyler Mt. Pleasant New York Baler  
          Anna McMyler   Michigan    
444 28-Aug-02 Bernard Logan M Mt. Pleasant William Logan Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer  
          Mary Casey   Canada    
445 24-Apr-02 Herald A. Courter M Mt. Pleasant John Courter Mt. Pleasant Ohio Laborer  
          Louise Courter   Michigan    
446 1-Jun-02 Zella Truesdale F McBain Ernest Truesdale Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer  
          Maud Truesdale   Michigan    
447 17-Aug-02 Mary Leonora Ferris F Mt. Pleasant Jacob H. Ferris Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer  
          Mable A. Bemrou   Michigan    
448 21-Jan-02 Celia May Edick F Charlotte Fred Edick Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer  
          Francis Edick   Michigan    
449 20-May-02 Robert Palmer Gorham M Mt. Pleasant Arwin E. Gorham Mt. Pleasant Ohio Lumberman  
          Sarah Gorham   New York    



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