1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
393 25-Nov-02 Ralph W. Johnson M Mt. Pleasant William Johnson Mt. Pleasant Canada Sawyer  
          Martha Johnson   Canada    
394 10-Aug-02 Morgan Allen Tice M Mt. Pleasant Morgan Tice Mt. Pleasant Canada Ice Dealer  
          Ida May Tice   Michigan    
395 26-Sep-02 Harold Leon Dougherty M Mt. Pleasant Thomas R. Dougherty Mt. Pleasant Ohio Music Dealer  
          Florence Dougherty   Michigan    
396 10-Jul-02 Porter I. Fraidenburg M Mt. Pleasant Benjamin Fraidenburg Mt. Pleasant Michigan Trunk Slat  
          Daidy Fraidenburg   Michigan Maker  
397 5-Oct-02 Mary L. Donders F Mt. Pleasant Stephen Donders Mt. Pleasant Michigan Fruit Dealer  
          Kate Donders   Michigan    
398 7-Dec-02 Genivieve G. Graham F Mt. Pleasant Hugh A. Graham Mt. Pleasant Canada School  
          Effie Graham   Michigan Superintendent  
399 27-Jun-02 Elden Sherwood McMasken M Mt. Pleasant Mart McMacken Mt. Pleasant Ohio Bicycle   
          Bertha Foulks McMacken   Michigan Repair man  
400 13-Jun-02 Henry Mortho Bodfish M Mt. Pleasant John Bodfish Mt. Pleasant Michigan Agent PM  
          Metta Bodfish   Michigan Railroad  
401 26-Feb-02 John W. Cowin M Mt. Pleasant John J. Cowin Mt. Pleasant Ireland Agent Ann-  
          Sarah L. Cowin   Ohio Arbor Railroad  
402 25-Feb-02 Roy Earl Jewell M Mt. Pleasant Josephg Jewell Mt. Pleasant Ohio Fireman  
          Rosa M. Jewell   Ohio Station  
403 3-Jul-02 Hiram C. Belknap M Mt. Pleasant Jared Belknap Mt. Pleasant Canada Bank  
          Lydia Belknap   Michigan Janitor  
404 3-Feb-02 Myrtle Hamilton F Mt. Pleasant Charles H. Hamilton Mt. Pleasant Canada Engineer  
          Mary Hamilton   Michigan    
405 3-Feb-02 Harold Richardson M Mt. Pleasant Charles T. Richardson Mt. Pleasant Indiana Laborer  
          Myrtle Richardson   Indiana    
405 1/2 15-Nov-02 Mervale Adna Perry M Gilmore Nathan Adna Perry Gilmore Michigan Farmer  
          Edna Maoni Glass   Michigan    
406 31-Jan-02 Irene Ayling F Mt. Pleasant Thad. W. Ayling Mt. Pleasant Michigan Farmer  
          Nellie E. Ayling   Michigan    
407 5-Sep-02 Terroll Eggleston M Mt. Pleasant Frank Eggleston Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer  
          Carrie Eggleston   Michigan    
408 19-Jan-02 Cecelia Manansa F Mt. Pleasant Henry Manansa Mt. Pleasant Michigan Teamster  
          Margaret Manansa   Michigan    
409 2-Aug-02 Marion Sampson F Mt. Pleasant Thomas Sampson Mt. Pleasant Canada Contractor  
          Clara Sampson   Michigan    
410 11-Apr-02 Leona Kiser F Mt. Pleasant Foran Kiser Mt. Pleasant Germany Laborer  
          Anna M. Kiser   Michigan    
411 17-Aug-02 Helen F. Lee F Mt. Pleasant Freeburn M. Lee Mt. Pleasant New York Carpenter  
          Cora F. Lee   New York    



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