1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
375 29-Mar-02 Florence Hursh F Wise William Hursh Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Hursh   Canada    
375 1/2 24-Dec-02 Archie Edwin Burkholder M Rolland Samuel Burkholder Blanchard Ohio Farmer  
          Rose Malish   Michigan    
376 14-Apr-02 Alonzo Bowen M Wise William Bowen Wise Canada Farmer  
          Mary Bowen   Canada    
377 7-Jul-02 Berth Lamphere F Wise William Lamphere Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Nellie Lamphere   Canada    
378 21-Jan-02 Gertie Phillips F Wise Jas. Phillips Wise Canada Farmer  
          Jennie Phillips   Michigan    
379 16-Aug-02 Vinora Highlen F Wise William Highlen Wise Indiana Farmer  
          Laura Long   Ohio    
380 8-Apr-02 Coral Neir F Wise Gideon A Neir Wise Ohio Farmer  
      Stillborn   Ella Neir   Ohio    
381 14-Nov-02 Baby McCarter M Wise Gordon McCarter Wise Canada Farmer  
          Anna McCarter   Canada    
382 21-Nov-02 Ida Wood F Wise James Wood Wise Michigan Carpenter  
          Anna Wood   Pennsylvania    
383 4-Jun-02 Helen Leeter F Wise John Leeter Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Lena Leeter   Pennsylvania    
384 21-Sep-02 Sidney Gormans M Wise Ben Gormans Wise Canada Farmer  
          Alvina Gormans   Canada    
385 21-Aug-02 Ilah Bell F Wise James Bell Wise Canada Farmer  
          Mary Bell   Canada    
386 31-Oct-02 Zelda Marshall F Wise John Marshall Wise Canada Farmer  
          Niva Bell Stevens   Michigan    
387 9-Oct-02 Laura Scoville F Wise John Scoville Wise Michigan Laborer  
          Lydia Scoville   Michigan    
388 15-Oct-02 Julian Pierson Mosher M Wise Julian Mosher Wise Michigan Salesman  
          Anna Mosher   Michigan    
389 27-Feb-02 Florence Virginia Butcher F Wise John Butcher Wise Michigan Lumber  
          Clara Butcher   New York Dealer  
390 23-Jan-02 Dudley V. Unser M Wise George Unser Wise Michigan Bicycle   
          Lottie Unser   Michigan Repair man  
390 1/2 19-Jan-02 Howard Clifford Girven M Wise Thomas H. Girven Wise Ohio Farmer  
          Louisa May Gifford   Michigan    
391 31-Aug-02 Margaret T. Dalton F Wise Joseph Dalton Wise Canada Clergyman  
          Matilda Dalton   Canada    
392 1-May-02 Mary E. Lamkin F Wise Henry Lamkin Wise Michigan Basket Maker  
          Mary Lamkin   Michigan    



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