1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
356 22-Apr-02 Oscar A. Herring M Vernon John Herring Vernon Michigan Farmer  
          Jessie E. Herring   Minnesota    
357 13-Apr-02 Everett J. Irvin M Vernon Aaron Irvin Vernon Canada Farmer  
          Hazel Irvin   Michigan    
358 15-Aug-02 Anna Mabel Little F Vernon Edward Little Vernon Michigan Farmer  
          Maggie Little   Michigan    
359 24-Jun-02 Walter A. Graham M Vernon John A. Graham Vernon Canada Farmer  
          Sarah Graham   Michigan    
360 27-Sep-02 Sylvia A. B. Reid F Vernon John Reid Vernon Ohio Farmer  
          Margaret Reid   Michigan    
360 1/2 1-Nov-02 Leonard Watson Adams M Vernon Watson L. Adams Vernon Canada Printer  
          Mary E. Leonard   Canada    
361 12-Oct-02 Harry D. Smith M Wise Fred L. Smith Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Lena Smith   Michigan    
362 1-Sep-02 Harry M. Grover M Wise Mart Grover Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Jennie Grover   Michigan    
363 28-Mar-02 Cecil D. Irwin M Wise James Irvin Wise Canada Farmer  
          Addie Irvin   Canada    
364 25-Oct-02 Eva M. Brown F Wise Lewis Brown Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Ida Brown   Ohio    
365 30-Sep-02 Erma Dorothy Slater F Wise Wallace F. Slater Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Laura Stevens   Michigan    
366 9-Sep-02 Hazel Root F Wise Charles Root Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Sarah Root   Michigan    
367 19-Aug-02 John H. Hadley M Wise John Hadley Wise Canada Farmer  
          Minnie Hadley   Michigan    
368 7-Nov-02 Grace Maxwell F Wise William Maxwell Wise Canada Farmer  
          Clara Maxwell   Canada    
369 22-Dec-02 Emma M. Methner F Wise Frederick F. Methner Wise Germany Farmer  
          Pauline Hoeft Methner   Germany    
370 11-Aug-02 Francis Gilbert F Wise Henry Gilbert Wise Vermont Farmer  
          Franes Gilbert   Canada    
371 12-Aug-02 Mary Harris F Wise Albert Harris Wise New York Farmer  
          Hattie Harris   Canada    
372 26-Jul-02 Clifford Raymond M Wise Eber C. Raymond Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Dora A. Raymond   Michigan    
373 7-Feb-02 Blanche Roe F Wise Joe Roe Wise Canada Farmer  
          Alice Roe   Canada    
374 28-Oct-02 Emily  M. Allen F Wise Joe Allen Wise Canada Farmer  
          Flora Allen   Vermont    



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