1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
318 23-Oct-02 Lillie L. Field F Coldwater James H. Field Coldwater Ohio Farmer  
          Edna V. Field   New York    
319 25-Nov-02 Clyde Alvin Wixon M Coldwater Albert H. Wixon Coldwater Ohio Farmer  
          Jennie L. Wixon   Ohio    
320 24-Aug-02 Ruth Bartley F Coldwater Alfred Baartley Coldwater Michigan Farmer  
          Mary E. Bartley   Michigan    
321 9-Apr-02 Daisy Pearl Sloan F Coldwater Clyde Sloan Coldwater Ohio Farmer  
          Edith G. Sloan   Indiana    
322 23-Sep-02 Katie Nevarre F Coldwater William Nevarre Coldwater Michigan Farmer  
          Libbie Navarre   Rhode Island    
323 14-Jun-02 Agnus B. St. John F Coldwater Royal M. St. John Coldwater Kansas Laborer  
          Anna St. John   Michigan    
324 5-Nov-02 Harvey Wilcox M Coldwater William Wilcox Coldwater England Farmer  
          Minnie Wilcox   Pennsylvania    
325 6-Nov-02 Emma R. Estes F Coldwater Edward Estes Coldwater Michigan Farmer  
          Hattie Estes   Michigan    
326 28-Mar-02 William Maxwell Rawson M Gilmore John H. Rawson Gilmore West Virginia Farmer  
          Fanny Rawson   Michigan    
327 15-Nov-02 Lyle D. Burgess M Gilmore Jesse J. Burgess Gilmore Michigan Farmer  
          Clara Burgess   New York    
328 15-Nov-02 Harold Everett Schofield M Gilmore Ira Schofield Gilmore Michigan Farmer  
          Florence Schofield   Ohio    
329 1-Sep-02 Jesse Edward Staals M Gilmore Henry Staals Gilmore Germany Farmer  
          Hattie Staals   Canada    
330 28-Feb-02 Phillip E. Teachout M Gilmore Frank Teachout Gilmore Michigan Farmer  
          Dency Teachout   Michigan    
330 1/2 1-May-03 Anna Marie Rathbone F Gilmore Charles Orland Rathburn Gilmore Ohio Lumberman  
          Mary Elizabeth Weidman   Michigan    
331 29-Mar-02 Lorenzo Drake M Gilmore John Drake Gilmore Canada Farmer  
          Nora Drake   Michigan    
332 8-Nov-02 Gertie Bigford F Gilmore William Bigford Gilmore Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Bigford   Michigan    
333 29-Jan-02 William G. Richards M Gilmore John A. Richards Gilmore Michigan Laborer  
          Belle Richards   Michigan    
334 16-Mar-02 Mable Spencer F Gilmore Willard Spencer Gilmore Michigan Farmer  
          Minnie Spencer   Michigan    
335 28-Jul-02 Cook M Gilmore A. G. Cook Gilmore New York Farmer  
          Emily Cook   New York    
336 29-Jan-02 Everette E. Scholfield M Gilmore Alonzo C. Schofield Gilmore Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Schofield   Ohio    



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