1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
281 28-Apr-02 William John Lynch M Nottawa Burdette Lynch Nottawa Wisconsin Farmer  
          Irene Lynch   New York    
282 9-Dec-02 Eva Rosa Weiland F Nottawa Joe Weiland Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Agahta Weiland   Michigan    
283 24-Apr-02 Edward Hibbeln M Nottawa Charles Hibbeln Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Mary Hibbeln   Michigan    
284 17-Aug-02 Alfred Joseph Pohl M Nottawa Nicholas Pohl Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Theresa Pohl   Michigan    
285 23-Sep-02 Henry Ahlers M Nottawa Henry Ahlers Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Anna Ahlers   Germany    
285 1/2 25-Oct-02 Man Harvey Warner M Rolland Leo A. Warner Blanchard Michigan Carpenter  
          Maude Judson   Michigan    
286 16-Jun-02 Celia Tilman F Nottawa John Tilman Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Catherine Tilman   France    
287 14-Jun-02 John Nicholas Simmer M Nottawa Joseph Simmer Nottawa Canada Farmer  
          Anna Simmer   Ohio    
288 11-May-02 Henry Shumacher M Nottawa Steve Shumacher Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Anna Schomacher   Michigan    
289 28-Jul-02 Bertha Elnora Burches F Nottawa Mark Burches Nottawa Kansas Farmer  
          Jane Bucshes   New York    
290 15-Jul-02 Clara Faber F Nottawa Theodore Faber Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Anna faber   Michigan    
291 5-May-02 Andres Blasen M Nottawa Joseph Blasen Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Catherine Blasen   Michigan    
292 22-Aug-02 Edward Doll M Nottawa A. R. Doll Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Elnora Doll   Michigan    
293 11-Aug-02 Ida Beirschbach F Nottawa Peter Beirschbach Nottawa Canada Carpenter  
          Katy Beirschbach   Germany    
294 12-Oct-02 Almeda Parks F Nottawa John Parks Nottawa Michigan Laborer  
          Lois Parks   Michigan    
295 30-Dec-02 Rena A. Fisk F Nottawa William Fisk Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Nina Fisk   Ohio    
296 1-Dec-02 John J. Yuncker M Nottawa Henry J. Yuncker Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Katy Yuncker   Michigan    
297 20-Sep-02 Dele Shepherd M Nottawa Hiram Shepherd Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Stella Shepher   Michigan    
298 10-May-02 Arthur Voisen M Nottawa Joe Voisin Nottawa Canada Farmer  
          Mary Voisin   Michigan    
299 3-Apr-02 Threresa Ott F Nottawa John Ott Nottawa Bavaria Farmer  
          Melisia Ott   Michigan    



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