1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
245 6-May-02 James Herbert White M Nottawa John White Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Alice White   Michigan    
246 9-Aug-02 Coleman E. Lewis M Isabella William C. Lewis Isabella New York Farmer  
          Lorena Lewis   Michigan    
247 8-Sep-02 Morris J. Cameron M Isabella Albert E. Cameron Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Anna J. Welat Cameron   Canada    
248 20-Jul-02 Joseph L. Robert Hamilton M Isabella Thomas J. Hamilton Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Mary Hamilton   Canada    
249 23-Feb-02 Albert Strong M Isabella George Strong Isabella Michigan Laborer  
          Martha Strong   Michigan    
250 6-Jul-02 Edmond Fisher M Isabella Peter Fisher Isabella Michigan Laborer  
          May Fisher   Michigan    
251 20-Jul-02 Charles Washington Gearhart M Isabella Charles Gearhart Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Nellie J. Gearhart   Michigan    
252 28-Oct-02 Lloyd Schult M Isabella Eugene Schult Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Ella Schult   Ohio    
253 7-Jul-02 Iva Prout F Isabella William Prout Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Roda Prout   Canada    
254 26-Mar-02 Dora Mogg F Isabella James Mogg Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Catherine Mogg   Michigan    
255 18-Sep-02 John Cyrus Heimich M Isabella Christian Heimich Isabella Germany Farmer  
          Augusta Welke   Germany    
255 1/2 6-Jan-03 Delta Elmer Crawford M Coe William Elmer Crawford St. Louis Ohio Farmer  
          Margaret Kiter   Pennsylvania    
256 25-May-02 Estella May Green F Brooklyn Twp Vincent Green Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Green   Michigan    
267 26-May-02 Lucretia L. Bellinger F Isabella Aelbert Bellinger Isabella New York Farmer  
          Millie Bellinnger   Vermont    
258 13-Nov-02 Archie D. Muma M Isabella Joseph W. Muma Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Jessie Muma   Scotland    
259 17-Jun-02 Francis House M Isabella Joseph W. House Isabella England Farmer  
259 1/2 17-Jun-02 Sarah House F-Twins   Margaret House   Canada    
260 12-Oct-02 Frank Johnston Daley M Isabella James A. Daley Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Susan Johnston Daley   Canada    
261 20-Oct-02 Hazel House F Isabella Alfred House Isabella England Farmer  
          Della House   Canada    
262 7-Nov-02 Wilmer Jackson M Isabella John Jackson Isabella Michigan Farmer  
    Indian     Susan Jackson   Michigan    
263 7-Mar-02 John Paisley M Isabella William Paisley Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Sarah Paisley   Canada    



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