1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
226 6-Aug-02 John Wellmock M Denver Lawrence Wellnock Denver Germany Farmer  
          Anna Wellnock   Germany    
227 10-Oct-02 Alga Emma Dunn F Isabella John Dunn Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Mary Dunn   Canada    
228 18-Oct-02 John McLaughlan M Isabella Hugh McLaughlan Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Mary McLaughan   Michigan    
229 21-Jul-02 Gracie Shawbos F Isabella John Shawbos Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Eliza Shawbos   Michigan    
230 10-Aug-02 Leo West M Isabella John West  Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Margaret West   Michigan    
231 27-Apr-02 Edith Prout F Isabella Fred Prout Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Rebecca Cluley   Michigan    
232 3-Sep-02 Daisy M. McLoud F Isabella Mack McLoud Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Lizzie McLoud   Michigan    
233 30-Jul-02 Dorthy Ayers F Isabella V. B. Ayers Isabella Ohio Physician  
          Sara Ayers   Michigan    
234 15-Jul-02 Ida V. Archer F Isabella Albert Archer Isabella Canada Teacher  
          Hannah Archer   Canada    
235 23-May-02 Bernice E. Graham F Isabella William M. Graham Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Millie Graham   Canada    
236 2-Sep-02 Mary E. Johnson F Isabella Joseph K. Johnson Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Olive Johnson   Canada    
237 3-Jul-02 Faith Marjorie Johnston F Isabella John J. Johnston Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Mary J. Johnston   Canada    
238 7-Aug-02 Hugh R. Graham M Isabella William J. Graham Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Minnie Graham   Canada    
239 7-Nov-02 Beatrice Cramer F Ohio John W. Cramer Isabella Ohio Farmer  
          Allina Cramer   Michigan    
240 12-May-02 May Terassa Campbell F Isabella James Campbell Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Louisa Campbell   New York    
240 1/2 13-Dec-02 Glenn Herbert Reynolds M Coldwater Edwin William Reynolds Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Louisa Maud Allen   Michigan    
241 3-Nov-02 Amear Hofer M Isabella Fritz Hofer Isabella Germany Farmer  
          Rickey Hofer   Germany    
242 26-Jun-02 Sara Ann Roberts F New York Lloyd L. Roberts Isabella New York Hotel Keeper  
          Margaret Roberts   New York    
243 16-Oct-02 George Franklin Cowden M Isabella George Cowden Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Ruth Cowden   Michigan    
244 3-Oct-02 Harold L. Elliott M Union William Elliott Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Mary McGillis Elliott   Michigan    



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