1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
208 27-Jul-02 Elmer Jackson M Denver Thompson Jackson Denver Michigan Farmer  
    Indian     Jennie Jackson   Michigan    
209 12-Dec-02 Marion Reese M Denver John W. Reese Denver Canada Laborer  
          Rose M. Reese   Ohio    
210 24-Sep-02 Shirley C. Mogg M Pennsylvania Charles A. Mogg Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Nina S. Mogg   New York    
210 1/2 25-Feb-02 Roy Earl Gewell M Mt. Pleasant Joseph Forman Jewell Denver Ohio Laborer  
          Rosa Mae Moore   Ohio    
211 8-Jun-02 Joseph Kohler M Denver Edward J. Kohler Denver New York Farmer  
          Eliza J. Kohler   Canada    
212 15-Nov-02 Cecelia Nastali F Denver Frank Nastali Denver Germany Farmer  
          Veronica Nastali   Germany    
213 1-Oct-02 Glen L. Canfield M Denver Herbert Canfield Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Jennie Canfield   New York    
214 21-Oct-02 Ina L. Hovey F Denver William H. Hovey Denver New York Farmer  
          Anna L. Hovey   Michigan    
215 9-Jul-02 Lawrence E. Mahon M Denver John Mahon Denver Canada Farmer  
          Mary Mahon   Michigan    
216 19-Mar-02 Agnes A. Taylor F Denver John H. Taylor Denver Canada Farmer  
          Margaret A. Taylor   Canada    
217 15-May-02 Clarence A. Campbell M Denver John C. Campbell Denver Canada Farmer  
          Susan Campbell   Michigan    
218 17-Sep-02 Delmer J. Watson M Denver William Watson Denver Canada Farmer  
          Josephine Watson   Michigan    
219 10-Mar-02 Viola Krimer F Denver Huffard Krimer Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Annie E. Krimer   Canada    
220 21-Jul-02 John D. Harrison M Denver Joshua B. Harrison Denver Canada Farmer  
          Sarah M. Harrison   Michigan    
221 9 apre 1902 Kenneth R. Thorpe M Denver Floyd J. Thorpe Denver Michigan Laborer  
          Mary M. Thorpe   Michigan    
222 30-Mar-02 Grace Sherbereau F Denver Simon Sherbereau Denver Canada Farmer  
          Allie Buttles Sherberneau   Michigan    
223 22-Dec-02 Robert L. Burr M Denver George J. Burr Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Allie A. Burr   Michigan    
224 28-Feb-02 Jose Maishak F Denver John Maishak Denver Germany Farmer  
          Mary Maishak   Russia    
225 Nov-02 John Demski M Denver John Demski Denver Germany Farmer  
          Hattie Demski   Germany    
225 1/2 25-Mar-02 Clyde Alvin Wixom M Coldwater Albert Harrison Wixom Denver Indiana Stone Mason  
          Jennie L. Beal   Ohio    



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