1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
189 18-Aug-02 Isabella D. Wilson F Chippewa Ernie Wilson Chippewa Wisconsin Laborer  
          Lizzie Wilson   Ohio    
190 22-Sep-02 Frederick A. Sweeter M Chippewa   Chippewa      
      Illegit.   Flora Sweeter   Ohio    
191 22-Apr-02 Reid Butler M Chippewa Frank Butler Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Alica Butler   Michigan    
192 10-Oct-02 Hazel M. Waite F Chippewa Bertella J. Waite Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Tressa Waite   Michigan    
193 27-Nov-02 Harry D. Armstrong M Chippewa Frank Armstrong Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Marilla Armstorng   Michigan    
194 18-Aug-02 Charles Salisbury M Chippewa Edgar B. Salisbury Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Ida Salisbury   Ohio    
195 3-Nov-02 Gertrude Ettinger F Chippewa John E. Ettinger Chippewa New Jersey Farmer  
          Myrta Ettinger   Michigan    
195 1/2 26-Aug-03 Phillip Richard Johnson M Chippewa John Henry Johnson Chippewa Canada Merchant  
          Mary E. Epples   Michigan    
196 15-Aug-02 George M. Merrill M Chippewa Lucas Merrill Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Lula Merrill   Michigan    
197 30-Jun-02 Gladys M. Keller F Denver John W. Keller Denver Canada Farmer  
          Mary Keller   Michigan    
198 5-Sep-02 Guy E. Williams M Denver Elton G. Williams Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Alzada A. Williams   Michigan    
199 30-Jun-02 Frank Hank M Denver Sherman Hank Denver Ohio Farmer  
          Sarana E. Hank   Ohio    
200 25-Jun-02 Wilson Seaton M Denver Roswell Seaton Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Emma E. Seaton   Michigan    
201 13-Feb-02 Ruth M. Brown F Beaverton William A. Brown Denver Indiana Laborer  
          Mella Brown   Indiana    
202 29-Jul-02 Lala M. Walton F Denver Riley A. Walton Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Amanda E. Walton   Ohio    
203 19-Jan-02 Sarah I. Render F Denver Curtis A. Render Denver Ohio Farmer  
          Rose A. Render   Nebbraska    
204 5-May-02 Ralph Eagly M Denver Almera Eagly Denver Indiana Farmer  
          Lucretia Eagly   Michigan    
205 15-Oct-02 Ogle A. Haggart M Canada William Haggart Denver Scotland Farmer  
          Mary J. Haggart   Canada    
206 30-Jan-02 James Washburn M Denver Jess Washburn Denver New York Farmer  
          Maggie Washburn   Michigan    
207 25-Mar-02 Elenora G. Mogg F Denver Henry Mogg Denver Canada Farmer  
          Amanda Mogg   Canada    



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