1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
170 2-Oct-02 Marion Froggett F Chippewa Emery Froggatte Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
170 1/2 Oct 2 1902 Marie Froggett Twins   Hattie Cowden Froggatte   Michigan    
171 29-Jul-02 Esther Wooten F Chippewa Daniel B. Wooten Chippewa Ohio Farmer  
          Adonia Wooten   Ohio    
172 3-Apr-02 Howard Woodbury M Chippewa Lester Woodbury Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Rhoda Woodbury   Michigan    
173 6-Jan-02 Lewis Woodbury M Chippewa William Woodbury Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Rosa Woodbury   New York    
174 18-Jun-02 Howard Ryan M Chippewa Michael Ryan Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Ida Ryan   Canada    
175 20-Mar-02 Edgar Cornell M Chippewa George Cornell Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Harriett Cornell   New York    
176 16-Aug-02 Golda E. McClintic F Chippewa David N. McClintic Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Viola McClintic   Michigan    
177 8-Nov-02 Edward L. Goldbecker M Denton Edwin Goldbecker Denton Ohio Farmer  
          Martha Goldbecker   Ohio    
178 10-Aug-02 Ione Frogatte F Chippewa William S. Frogatte Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Alice Frogatte   Michigan    
179 16-Oct-02 Vima V.  Keif F Chippewa George Keif Chippewa Ohio Farmer  
          Bertha Keif   Ohio    
180 6-Jul-02 Kenneth Dumas M Chippewa William Duman Chippewa New York Farmer  
          Blanche Brace Duman   Michigan    
180-A 8-Jun-02 Percy Sylvester McMilton M Isabella Benjamin Nelson McMilton Rosebush Michigan Farmer  
          Martha Jan Wagner   Canada    
181 27-Apr-02 Solomon Powers M Chippewa Edward Powers Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Louisa Powers   New York    
182 22-Jul-02 Otto Kelley M Chippewa Henry Kelley Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Kelley   Michigan    
183 7-Oct-02 Romain Swiz M Chippewa John Swix Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Addie Swix   Michigan    
184 6-Oct-02 Allen Salisbury M Chippewa Edward L. Salisbury Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Salisbury   Pennsylvania    
185 31-Aug-02 Thomas G. Keith M Mt. Pleasant Grant Keith Chippewa Ohio Farmer  
          Kate Keith   Canada    
186 13-Jun-02 Jay D. Kennedy M Chippewa Addison A. Kennedy Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Lula Kennedy   Ohio    
187 6-Dec-02 Jennie E. Suzor F Chippewa George W. Suzor Chippewa Indiana Farmer  
          Etta Suzor   Michigan    
188 22-Dec-02 Gerald B. Ambler M Chippewa Francis Ambler Chippewa Ohio Farmer  
          Mary Ambler   Ohio    



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