1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
151 16-Aug-02 Phillip P. Ayres M Union Frank Ayres Union Michigan Farmer  
          Sarah Ayres   Michigan    
152 21-Feb-02 Chester H. Ayres M Union Frank Ayres Union Michigan Farmer  
          Sarah Ayres   Michigan    
153 27-Oct-02 Iva M. Jones F Union Gilbert E. Jones Union Michigan Farmer  
          Rosa Jones   Michigan    
154 19-May-02 Ora E. Jones F Union Fred J. Jones Union Michigan Laborer  
          Gertrude Jones   Michigan    
155 16-Aug-02 Margaret Tobin F Union Thomas Tobin Union Canada Laborer  
          Sarah Tobin   Iowa    
156 29-Dec-02 Edna R. Dougherty F Union Solomon Dougherty Union Indiana Farmer  
          Sarah Dougherty   Michigan    
157 17-Oct-02 Thelma I. Tonkin F Union Charles Tonkin Union Michigan Farmer  
          Ethel Tonkin   Michigan    
158 29-Jan-02 Bulah Wicks F Union Ray Wicks Union Ohio Laborer  
          Emma Wicks   Michigan    
159 28-Jul-02 Unis Davis F Chippewa Fred Davis Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Emma Davis   Michigan    
160 12-May-02 Hurbert Rosebush M Chippewa Arthur Rosebush Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Blanche Rosebush   Michigan    
161 28-Jan-02 Edward Barnes M Chippewa Frank Barnes Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Ada Barnes   Michigan    
162 14-May-02 John Loop M Chippewa Edward R. Loop Chippewa Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Mina Loop   Pennsylvania    
163 20-Sep-02 Smith M Chippewa William Smith Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Martha Smith   Michigan    
164 30-Aug-02 Violet E. Whitwell F Chippewa George Whitwell Chippewa New York Farmer  
          Eva Whitwell   Michigan    
165 14-Jul-02 Ford McBride M Chippewa William McBride Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Mary McBride   Michigan    
165 -A 30 May 1899 Ruth Anna Campbell F Denton Martin Fosbury Campbell Denton Michigan Farmer  
          Ellen Edith Mason   Michigan    
166 27-Aug-02 Gladys Lockwood F Chippewa William Lockwood Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Minnie Lockwood   Michigan    
167 27-Mar-02 Lena Case F Chippewa Walter Case Chippewa Michigan Laborer  
          Matilda Case   New York    
168 15-May-02 John William Ayers Showalter M Chippewa William Showalter Chippewa Michigan Farmer  
          Marcella Ayers Showalter   Ohio    
169 22-Jun-02 Russell C. Elmlinger M Ohio Barney Elmlinger Chippewa Ohio Farmer  
          Sadie Elmlinger   Ohio    



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