1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
114 11-Jun-02 Frank H. Mutz M Deerfield Charles Mutz Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Lizzie Mutz   Michigan    
115 12-Apr-02 May E. Houseman F Deerfield Frank Houseman Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Loretta Houseman   New York    
116 2-Jul-02 Gladus E. DeLong F Deerfield Alfred Delong Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Ada Estella Fox Delong   Michigan    
117 13-Dec-02 Elsie E. W. Beach F Deerfield Isaac H. Beach Deerfield New York Farmer  
          Jennie Beach   West Virginia    
118 12-Apr-02 Beulah M. Stacy F Deerfield Harley Stacy Deerfield Ohio Farmer  
          Mabel L. Stacy   Michigan    
119 7-Jul-02 Bernice M. Brown F Deerfield Adam Brown Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Clara Brown   Michigan & Mason  
120 2-Sep-02 Francis Leiferman F Deerfield Grank Leiferman Deerfield Illinois Farmer  
          Clara Leiferman   New York    
120 1/2 28-Dec-02 Russell Voight Richardson M Deerfield Rudy Raymond Richardson Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Nellie Jane Brownridge   Canada    
121 6-Sep-02 Ethel I. Rogers F Deerfield Daniel M. Rogers Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Minnie Westphall Rogers   Michigan    
122 23-Dec-02 Margaret V. Stutting F Deerfield Arnold Stutting Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Lydia Stutting   Ohio    
123 15-Oct-02 George L. Bundy M Deerfield Wesley Bundy Deerfield Ohio Farmer  
          Mary E. Bundy   Canada    
124 7-Oct-02 Howard Patterson M Union Henry A. Patterson Deerfield Ohio Barber  
          Sarah Jane Welch   Ohio    
125 25-Aug-02 Jacob W. Nixon M Deerfield George Nixon Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Lousie E. Nixon   Michigan    
126 8-Apr-02 Milo M. Melburn M Deerfield Pat Melburn Deerfield Michigan Laborer  
          Emma Melburn   Michigan    
127 5-Jul-02 Charles A. Ash M Deerfield John H. Ash Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Grace Ash   Michigan    
128 26-Aug-02 Raymond John Morrison M Deerfield George D. Morrison Deerfield Canada Farmer  
          Elizabeth McMahon   Canada    
129 1-Sep-02 William Hundt M Deerfield Adolf Hundt Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Anna Hundt   Michigan    
130 14-Mar-02 Elizabeth Rose Theisen G Nottawa Frank J. Theisen Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Honorah A. Young   Canada    
131 30-Jul-02 Nellie Richardson G Union Lewis D. Richardson Union Michigan Farmer  
          Edna M. Richardson   Michigan    
132 25-Mar-02 Prescott Robison M Union Elias W. Robison Union Michigan Mechanic  
          Rosetta Robison   Michigan    


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