1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
95 6-Apr-02 Roy Dutcher M Broomfield Albert Dutcher Broomfield Michigan Farmer  
          Annie Dutcher   Michigan    
96 22-Aug-02 Loomis F Broomfield William Loomis Broomfield Michigan Farmer  
      Stillborn   Sumyrah   Michigan    
97 24-Sep-02 Leland Diehl M Broomfield Clark Diehl Broomfield Germany Farmer  
          Gertie Diehl   Germany    
98 18-Feb-02 Merrie Townsend F Broomfield Emery D. Townsend Broomfield New York Apiarian  
          Sarah Townsend   Michigan    
99 24-Nov-02 Cliffor Kimball M Broomfield David Kimball Broomfield Canada Farmer  
          Cora Kimball   Germany    
100 22-Oct-02 Ethel Strong F Broomfield Arthur Strong Broomfield Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Strong   Germany    
101 27-Oct-02 Fern Ruthruff F Broomfield Levi Ruthruff Broomfield Michigan Farmer  
          Susanna Ruthruff   Michigan    
102 15-Dec-02 Enoch Kimball M Broomfield Enoch Kimball Broomfield Canada Farmer  
          Myrtle Kimball   Michigan    
103 4-Jul-02 Henry Kimball M Broomfield Charles Kimball Broomfield Canada Farmer  
          Angie Kimball   Michigan    
104 17-Jul-02 C. R. Ruthruff M Broomfield Malvin Ruthruff Broomfield Michigan Farmer  
          Oral Ruthruff   Michigan    
105 18-Oct-02 Ruth Woodruff F Broomfield E. W. Woodruff Broomfield Ohio Farmer  
          Lora Woodruff   Ohio    
105 1/2 18-Oct-01 Jay D. Northrup M Shepherd Levi Clark Northrup Broomfield Michigan Barber  
          Nancy Elizabeth Hamlin   Michigan    
106 1-Sep-02 Fay Maxon M Broomfield Wilson Maxon Broomfield Michigan Farmer  
          Pearl Maxon   Michigan    
107 7-Oct-02 Susanna Kulp F Broomfield Samuel Kulp Broomfield Indiana Farmer  
          Magdelena Brubacker Kulp   Canada    
108 8-May-02 Flora Maxon F Broomfield William Maxon Broomfield Massachusetts Farmer  
          Grace Maxon   Michigan    
109 9-Mar-02 Rhoda M Broomfield Robert Rhoda Broomfield Germany Farmer  
      Stillborn   Minnie Rhoda   Germany    
110 11-Dec-02 Dean Piatt M Broomfield Robert Piatt Broomfield Michigan Farmer  
          Lulu M. Steel Piatt   Michigan    
111 28-Jun-02 Martha B. Forquer F Deerfield Joseph Forquer Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Elvina Forquer   Ohio    
112 6-Aug-02 John T. Swift M Mt. Pleasant Joseph Swift Deerfield Ohio Farmer  
          Marygaret Swift   Ireland    
113 6-Oct-02 Daniel E. Peffer M Deerfield Samuel Peffer Deerfield Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Maude Peffer   Michigan    


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