1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
76 30-Mar-02 Sidney E. Gifford M Fremont William S. Gifford Fremont Michigan Farmer  
          Lottie Gifford   Michigan    
77 26-Jan-02 Harold Roy Russell M Fremont George Russell Fremont Michigan Farmer  
          Linda Russell   Michigan    
78 4-Apr-02 James Uriah Baer M Fremont Alexander Baer Fremont Ohio Farmer  
          Catherine Baer   Ohio    
79 18-Sep-02 Floyd Emmet Gifford M Fremont Fred Gifford Fremont Michigan Farmer  
          Sabra Gifford   Michigan    
80 17-Mar-02 Daneil Lorne Smith M Rolland Lester Smith Rolland Michigan Farmer  
          Katie Bell Olds Smith   Michigan    
81 18-Sep-02 Violet Henry F Rolland Earl Henry Rolland Michigan Farmer  
          Eda Henry   Michigan    
82 2-Apr-02 Gladys DeForest F Rolland Arthur DeForest Rolland Michigan Farmer  
          Arvilla DeForest   Michigan    
83 28-Jul-02 Sydney Painter M Rolland John Painter Rolland Ohio Farmer  
          Mary E. Painter   Michigan    
84 28-Jul-02 Goldie Oberlin F Rolland Ed Oberlin Rolland Indiana Farmer  
84 1/2 28-Jul-02 Gladis Oberlin Twins   Isabel Oberlin   Michigan    
85 12-Jun-02 Bulia DeForest F Rolland John DeForest Rolland Michigan Farmer  
          Lina DeForest   Michigan    
86 5-Aug-02 Floyd M. Smith M Millbrook Charles G. Smith Rolland Michigan Farmer  
          Lora L. Smith   Kansas    
87 28-Dec-02 Mass F Rolland Fred A. Mass Rolland New York Farmer  
          Kate Mass   Germany    
88 1-Nov-02 Carl A. Miller M Rolland J. A. Miller Rolland Ohio Farmer  
          Emma Miller   Canada    
89 26-Jun-02 Clyde G. King M Rolland Riley King Rolland Michigan Blacksmith  
          Winnie King   Michigan    
90 15-May-02 Opal Warner F Rolland Dan Warner Rolland Michigan Farmer  
          Ema Warner   Michigan    
90 1/2 28-Jul-01 Thomas Alphonso Manley M Rolland James Manley Rolland New York Brick Layer  
          Emma McDonald   Michigan    
91 28-Aug-02 Effie M. Goodwin F Rolland Charles Goodwin Rolland Michigan Laborer  
          Lottie Goodwin   Michigan    
92 26-May-02 Nina Pumfrey F Rolland George Pumfrey Rolland Ohio Farmer  
          Elonora Pumfrey   Michigan    
93 25-Dec-02 Mildred Robart F Rolland Jessie Robart Rolland Michigan Farmer  
          Maude Robart   Michigan    
94 21-Apr-02 Arthur Koch M Broomfield Carl Koch Broomfield Germany Farmer  
    Later chg: Cook     Mary Hummel Koch   Michigan    


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