1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
58 27-Oct-02 Ludrna Wasserman F Lincoln Albert Wasserman Lincoln Germany Farmer  
          Rose Wasserman   Ohio    
59 14-Jul-02 Jessie R. Willoughby M Lincoln James Willoughby Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Ada Willoughby   Canada    
60 26-Jul-02 Chester Parks M Lincoln John Parks Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Lilian Parks   Michigan    
60 1/2 2-Apr-02 George Willis Magiveron M Lincoln William Magiveron Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Permelia Wetherbee   Michigan    
61 16-Jun-02 Myron Parks M Lincoln Myron Parks Lincoln New York Laborer  
          Maryette parks   Michigan    
62 4-Sep-02 Hazel Root M Lincoln Newton Root Lincoln Ohio Farmer  
          Dara E.  Egan Root   Michigan    
63 14-Dec-02 Mildred Jessie Courser F Lincoln Jesse Courser Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Bell Courser   Ohio    
64 27-Jun-02 Francis Bundy F Lincoln Crist Bundy Lincoln Ohio Farmer  
          Ida Bundy   Canada    
65 10-Mar-02 Loid Saunders M Lincoln William H. Saunders Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Lucy Saunders   Michigan    
66 15-Feb-02 Marguerite Lucile Adams F Fremont Bert N. Adams Fremont Michigan Merchant  
          Clara Adams   Michigan    
67 8-Feb-02 Grace Stutting F Fremont Chester P. Stutting Fremont Michigan Farmer  
          Della Stutting   Michigan    
68 1-Aug-02 Archie Oliver Griffes M Fremont Wallace Griffes Fremont Michigan Farmer  
          Cora Griffes   Michigan    
69 4-Feb-02 Atholl H. Gufelt M Fremont Grant Gufelt Fremont Canada Farmer  
          Ana Alice Richardson Gufelt   Michigan    
70 7-Dec-01 Horace W. Hungerford M Fremont Horace Hungerford Fremont Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Hungerford   Michigan    
71 20-Jun-02 Kenneth H. Benchley M Fremont Sumner Benchley Fremont New York Farmer  
          Almira Benchley   New York    
72 31-Aug-02 Ray Hetherington M Fremont Charles Hetherington Fremont Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Hetherington   Michigan    
73 2-Apr-02 Marion Beer M Fremont Aaron Beer Fremont Ohio Farmer  
          Elizabeth Masters   Ohio    
74 26 May 1902 Walter E. Dargitz M Fremont Orville Dargitz Fremont Ohio Farmer  
          Mary Dargitz   Michigan    
75 22-Oct-02 Oscar Mongo Caliman M Fremont John H. Caliman Fremont Ohio Farmer  
          Grace Caliman   Michigan    
75 1/2 8 Dec 1899 Floyd O. Bowers M Mt. Pleasant Willice Bowers Mt. Pleasant Michigan Farmer  
          Ora Ocenia Parks   Michigan    


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