1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
39 14-Oct-02 Betha M. Berryhill F Fremont William E. Berryhill Lincoln Ohio Farmer  
          Evaline Berryhill   Michigan    
40 2-Jul-02 Charles Perry M Lincoln Charles Perry Lincoln Ohio Farmer  
          Maud Perry   Michigan    
41 4-Apr-02 Jamse T. Demming M Lincoln Alonzo A. Demming Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Henrietta Demming   Michigan    
42 4-May-02 Mertie B. Johnson F Lincoln Fred Johnson Lincoln New York Laborer  
          Ida Johnson   Michigan    
43 6-Oct-02 Ella V. Wardwell F Lincoln Edward T. Wardwell Lincoln New York Farmer  
          Abie Wardwell   Michigan    
44 30-Aug-02 Viola O'Brien F Lincoln James O'Brien Lincoln New York Farmer  
          Mary O'Brien   Michigan    
45 11-Oct-02 Ruby De Hart F Lincoln Ernest De Hart Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Lillian Bellingar DeHart   Michigan    
45 1/2 12-Feb-02 Alan Leslie Smurthwaite M Isabella John Smurthwaite Rosebush England Farmer  
          Ethelinda Troyer   Canada    
46 11-Mar-02 Elva G. Welling F Lincoln Charles B. Welling Lincoln Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Lucinda Welling   Pennsylvania    
47 24-May-02 Carl M. Queen M Lincoln Lester McQueen Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Lethie McQueen   Michigan    
48 21-Dec-02 Audrey M. Schooley F Lincoln George W. Schooley Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Mary A. Schooley   Michigan    
49 6-Apr-02 Alfred Campbell M Lincoln Dale W. Campbell Lincoln Michigan Laborer  
          Emma Campbell   Minnesota    
50 24-Sep-02 Helen Beebe F Lincoln Charles Beebe Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Alice Beebe   Michigan    
51 31-Jul-02 J. Sterling Curtis M Lincoln James P. Curtis Lincoln New York Farmer  
          Cornelia Curtis   Michigan    
52 3-Nov-02 Dale W. Figg M Lincoln Joseph S. Figg Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Laura Figg   Indiana    
53 30-Apr-02 Donald Sanders M Lincoln Irvin Sanders Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Rosa Sanders   Michigan    
54 15-Jan-02 Rose M. Duggon F Lincoln Michael Duggon Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Hannah Duggon   Michigan    
55 24-Sep-02 Robert J. Duffy M Lincoln Patrick H. Duffy Lincoln Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Anna Duffy   Ohio    
56 20-Feb-02 Bernice F. Weeks F Lincoln Myron Weeks Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Anna Lowry Weeks   Ohio    
57 21-Jul-02 Birton W. Hawkins M Lincoln Gilbert B. Hawkins Lincoln Ohio Farmer  
          Helen Hawkins   New York    


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