1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Farnk B. Throup Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
20 6-Oct-02 Frank B. Throup M Coe Button Throup Coe Michigan Farmer  
    Later chg: Throop     Hattie Culver Throup   Michigan    
21 8-Oct-02 Alice May Young F Coe William Young Coe Canada Farmer  
          Loretta Jane Thomas Young   Michigan    
22 16-Jan-02 Carlton H. Taylor M Coe Charles Taylor Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Elizabeth Taylor   Michigan    
23 13-Dec-02 Lathrop H. Briggs M Coe L. J. Briggs Coe Pennsylvania Photographer  
          A. E. Briggs   Pennsylvania    
24 1-Dec-02 Lucille Worthington F Coe Frank Worthington Coe Ohio Plumber  
          Myrtle Worthington   Ohio    
25 7-Nov-02 Eugene Field M Coe Horace Field Coe Michigan Miller  
          Vera Field   Michigan    
26 8-Aug-02 Martha T. Ballinger F Coe Frank Ballinger Coe Michigan Merchant  
          Helen Ballinger   Canada    
27 30-Aug-02 Pearcy J. Frost M Coe J. D. Frost Coe Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Emma L..Frost   Michigan    
28 22-Aug-02 Katherine Schweirer F Coe Alfred Schweier Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Anna Schweier   Michigan    
29 8-May-02 Canute F Coe George Canute Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Canute   Michigan    
30 24 setp 1902 Vera Ione Johnson F Coe William Johnson Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Effie Johnson   Michigan    
30 1/2 24-Sep-02 Donald Sellers M Coe William Archer Sellers Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Mamie Daisybelle Childs   Michigan    
31 6-May-02 Hazel Irene Wonch F Coe Robert Wonch Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Cora Wonch   Ohio    
32 126 may 1902 Harold W. Lyons M Coe Noah Lyon Coe Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Minnei Lyon   Michigan    
33 10-Nov-02 Hellen Ione Myers F Coe Erving Myers Coe Ohio Mill owner  
          Margaret Myers   Canada    
34 24-Jul-02 Francis Dibble F Coe W. L. Dibble Coe Ohio Produce   
          Maud Dibble   Canada Merchant  
35 2-Jul-02 William M. Hudnut M Lincoln Stephen Hudnut Lincoln Canada Farmer  
          Louise Hudnut   Michigan    
36 27-Nov-02 Beatrice Stowell F Lincoln Ollie Stowell Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          May Stowell   Michigan    
37 2-Mar-02 Mary Haley F Lincoln John Haley Lincoln Canada Farmer  
          Hattie Haley   Michigan    
38 25-Oct-02 Ralph Wolfgang M Lincoln John Wolfgang Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Viola Wolfgang   Michigan    


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