1902 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
1 14-Aug-02 Pearl Irene Turner F Coe William Turner Coe Ohio Farmer  
          Myrtle Turner   Michigan    
2 9-Sep-02 Clare Bush M Coe Oscar Bush Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Etta L. Bush   Michigan    
3 3-Jan-02 Charles P. Richardson M Coe S. P. Richardson Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Flora Richardson   Michigan    
4 7-Apr-02 Donald Tyman M Coe William Tyman Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Jennie Tyman   West Virginia    
5 19-Jun-02 Alpha Inghram M Coe William Inghram Coe West Virginia Farmer  
          Olive Inghram   Missouri    
6 17 Apr 190 Melvin Hutchinson M Coe William Hutchinson Coe Ohio Farmer  
          Flora Hutchinson   Michigan    
7 15-Apr-02 Anna M. Clark F Coe Clinton Clark Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Della Clark   Michigan    
8 19-Jul-02 Roaland Gimmey M Coe Henery Gimmey Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Luly Gimmey   Michigan    
9 9-Nov-02 Mona Cazier F Coe Charles Cazier Coe Michigan Laborer  
          Bell Cazier   Michigan    
10 1-Mar-02 Jennie Ione Struble F Coe Allen Struble Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Maud Struble   Michigan    
11 30-May-02 Elizabeth C. Wilkie F Coe Q. J. Wilkie Coe Michigan Stone Mason  
          Minnie Wilkie   Michigan    
12 1-Oct-02 Glennis M. Wilkis M Coe Robert Wilkie Coe Michigan Laborer  
          Daisy Wiklie   Michigan    
13 18-Jul-02 Harvey G. Palmer M Coe John Palmer Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Ellen Palmer   Michigan    
14 10-Nov-02 Woodmancie M Coe Dennis Woodmancie Coe Michigan Farmer  
      Stillborn   Mary Woodmancie   Michigan    
15 30-Sep-02 Carl D. Vroman M Coe William Vroman Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Rose Vroman   Michigan    
15 1/2 2-Aug-02 Gerald Lee McKenzie M Mt. Pleasant Horace T. McKenzie Mt. Pleasant Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Effie May WIlson   Ohio    
16 28-Apr-02 Francis Fanning M Coe John Fanning Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Ella Fanning   Michigan    
17 8-Sep-02 Burnice Struble F Coe Lafe Struble Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Libby Struble   Michigan    
18 23-Jun-02 Leo Walton M Coe Charles Walton Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Tresa Walton   Canada    
19 7 Oct 1902 Bessie Wonch F Coe William Wonch Coe Michigan Farmer  
          Dora Wonch   Michigan    


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