1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
882 8-Mar-01 Clyde Bowers M Mt. Pleasant Thomas Bowers Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Wmina Bowers   New York    
883 17 1901 Florence Bowers F Mt. Pleasant Marion Bowers Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Nellie Bowers   Michigan    
884 26-Mar-01 Georgia Beantaugh F Mt. Pleasant Edward Beantaugh Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Alice Beantaugh   Michigan    
885 8-Sep-01 Ernest F. Lord M Mt. Pleasant Herbert W. Lord Mt. Pleasant Unknown Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Nellie D. Lord   Unknown    
886 15-Mar-01 Nanett Carnahan F Mt. Pleasant Charles A. Carnahan Mt. Pleasant Michigan Asst. Postmaster 5-Apr-27
          Princie G. Carnahan   Kentucky    
887 2-Oct-01 Lyle Denere Bissell M Shepherd Nicholas O. Bissell Shepherd Michigan Teamster 25-Aug-37
          Fannie Rebecca Vredenburg   Michigan    
888 15-May-01 Fred Curtiss O'Brien M Lincoln Edward George O'Brien Lincoln Michigan Farmer 25-May-39
          Maude Secord   Michigan    
889 22-Sep-01 Vern Floyd Delong M Coldwater Irma A. Delong Coldwater Michigan Farmer 2-Jun-39
          Mina May Mavarre   Michigan    
890 23-Nov-01 Howard Ray Adams M Weidman William Creg Adams Weidman Indiana Sawman 2-Nov-39
          Elsie Mary Powers   Michigan    
891 24 May 1899 Carlyle Lewellyn Gordon M Deerfield William Garden Deerfield Michigan Farmer 2-Nov-39
          Minnie Wicks   Michigan    
892 15 Mar 1887 Claud John Bayles M Coe Edward Monroe Bayles Coe Iowa Farmer 2-Nov-39
          Rachel Hannah Myers   Pennsylvania    
893 14 Apr 1894 Ishmeal Allen M Coldwater Claude Q. Allen Coldwater Michigan Farmer 2-Nov-39
          Addie Toombs   Michigan    
894 28 Oct 1897 Bruce Lloyd Cornelius M Weidman Alex A> Cornelius Weidman Michigan Lumberman 2-Nov-39
          Edith P. Moore   Michigan    
895 18-Jul-01 Melvin Clarence Hawk M Wise Sherman Louis Hawk Wise Ohio Farmer 2-Nov-39
          Savannah Edna Walters   Ohio    
896 21-Aug-03 Charles Richard Brown M Mt. Pleasant Cicero Webster Brown Mt. Pleasant Ohio Printer 2-Nov-39
          Jessie Perry Cluckey   Michigan    
897 22-Feb-01 Harold  Parrish Wood M Nottawa Harry E. Wood Nottawa Michigan Farmer 19-Jan-41
          Grace May Parrish   Michigan    


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