1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
863 21-Jan-01 Beatrice Miller F Mt. Pleasant Leonard Miller Mt. Pleasant Michigan   25-Jun-01
          Catherine Miller   Michigan    
864 9-Sep-01 Hellen Johnson F Mt. Pleasant John Johnson Mt. Pleasant Canada   25-Jun-01
          Mary Johnson   Ohio    
865 2-Jul-01 Mary Bernadette Kennedy F Mt. Pleasant Timothy Kennedy Mt. Pleasant Canada Merchant 25-Jun-01
          Matilda Morrison   Canada Rail Roading  
865 1/2 9-Jun-01 Frances Irene Sydnam F Blanchard Bert Roy Sydnam Blanchard Michigan Depot Agent 25-Jun-01
          Elizabeth Laura Herber   Canada    
866 17-Jan-01 Irene Simons F Mt. Pleasant Eugene Simons Mt. Pleasant   Laborer 25-Jun-01
867 28-Sep-01 Charles McConnell M Mt. Pleasant Fred McConnell Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Myrtle McConnell   Michigan    
868 26-Dec-01 Elmer Calhoun M Mt. Pleasant James Calhoun Mt. Pleasant Canada Barber 25-Jun-01
          Gertrude Calhoun   Canada    
869 18-May-01 Agnes Tobin F Mt. Pleasant Michael Tobin Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Laura Tobin   Canada    
8670 24-Feb-01 Richard Hamilton M Mt. Pleasant Robert Hamilton Mt. Pleasant Canada Rail Roading 25-Jun-01
          Della Hamilton   Canada    
871 18-Feb-01 Charles E. Casey M Mt. Pleasant Ed casey Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Anna Casey   Canada    
872 19-Sep-01 Mary E. Shean F Mt. Pleasant Dan Shean Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer 25-Jun-01
    Later chg: Sheehan     Catherine Shean   Canada    
873 30-Oct-01 Beulah Anabella MdKenzie F Mt. Pleasant A. F. McKenzie Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Linnia McKenzie   Michigan    
874 9-Jun-01 May Krause F Mt. Pleasant John Krause Mt. Pleasant Ohio Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Viola Krause   Ohio    
875 22-Oct-01 Edith Knich F Mt. Pleasant Ceth Knich Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Adah Kinch   Michigan    
876 2-Jun-01 Alice Lalone F Mt. Pleasant John Lalone Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Delina Lalone   Canada    
877 19-May-01 Adrian L. Friedenburg M Mt. Pleasant B. A. Friedenburg Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Daisy W. Friedenburg   Michigan    
878 8-Aug-01 France Adelia Thayer F Mt. Pleasant Frank Thayer Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Edith Thayer   Michigan    
879 10-Oct-01 Charles Courter M Mt. Pleasant Bert Courter Mt. Pleasant Ohio Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Libbie Courter   Ohio    
880 10-Jun-01 Henry Caldon Robinson M Mt. Pleasant Palmer Jay Robinson Mt. Pleasant Michigan Mason 25-Jun-01
          Rosa Lillian Gammel   Indiana    
881 25-Aug-01 Melvin McClenathan M Nottawa Floyd Elmer McClenthan Weidman Michigan Miller 6-Feb-40
          Myrtle Matilda Boyer   Michigan    


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