1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
844 10-Feb-01 George W. Lance M Mt. Pleasant Arthur Lance Mt. Pleasant Ohio Painter 25-Jun-01
          Harriett Lance   New York    
845 28-Oct-01 Bernice C. Dowd F Mt. Pleasant Lee J. Dowd Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer 25-Jun-01
    Later chg: Doud     May E. Dowd   Michigan    
846 8-Mar-01 Williard Warick Stanton M Mt. Pleasant Ebe Stanton Mt. Pleasant New York Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Eva Stanton   Kentucky    
847 6-Jun-01 Charles Arthur Spencer M Mt. Pleasant Charles Spencer Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer 25-Jun-01
848 12-Mar-01 Noel Craft M Mt. Pleasant R. S.  Craft Mt. Pleasant Michigan Cigar Maker 25-Jun-01
          Phebe Craft   Michigan    
849 28-Apr-01 Frances Hill F Mt. Pleasant Marion Hill Mt. Pleasant New York Cigar Maker 25-Jun-01
          Jennie Hill   Michigan    
850 30-Jun-01 Josephine Bringard F Mt. Pleasant Francie Bringard Mt. Pleasant Michigan Saloon keeper 25-Jun-01
          Roa Bringard   Michigan    
850 1/2 24-Jan-01 Thomas Franklin Rawson M Gilmore Joseph Franklin Ranson Mt. Pleasant West Virginia Street 25-Jun-01
          Ethel Annett Hatfield   Indiana Commissioner  
851 21-Sep-01 Ivan Taylor M Mt. Pleasant Frederick Taylor Mt. Pleasant Michigan Manufacturer 25-Jun-01
          Hattie Amelia Taylor   Michigan    
852 17-Jul-01 Elizabeth Adams F Mt. Pleasant J. F. Adams Mt. Pleasant Canada Physician 25-Jun-01
          Mary Adams   E. Springfiled    
853 12-Jul-01 Marionn Balid F Mt. Pleasant George M. Baylis Mt. Pleasant   Mechanic 25-Jun-01
          Mae R. Baylis        
854 28-Oct-01 Karl M. B. Kipfmueller M Mt. Pleasant Georg M. Kipfmueller Mt. Pleasant     25-Jun-01
          Anna M. Schnell Kip.        
855 22-Jun-01 J. C. Ackerman M Mt. Pleasant Jacob Ackermanm Mt. Pleasant New York Agriculture 25-Jun-01
          Idah Ackerman   New York Supp. Dealer  
856 9-May-01 Anna Miller F Mt. Pleasant William Miller Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Julia Miller   Ireland    
857 14-Jul-01 Hazen Moore M Mt. Pleasant J. B. Moore Mt. Pleasant Canada Mercantile 25-Jun-01
          Edith Moore   Ohio Business  
858 6-Feb-01 Reginga Dougherty F Mt. Pleasant Thomas Dougherty Mt. Pleasant   Laborer 25-Jun-01
    Virgeline Christian Doughterty Twins   Katherine O'Brien Dougherty        
859 31-Mar-01 Harold Perry M Detroit Mich William Perry Mt. Pleasant Ohio Carpenter 25-Jun-01
          Sylvia Perry   Michigan    
860 14-Jul-01 Lorraine Adams F Mt. Pleasant Benjamin Adams Mt. Pleasant Canada   25-Jun-01
          Lydia Adams   Michigan    
861 24-Sep-01 Retros Carmichael F Mt. Pleasant Daniel Carmichael Mt. Pleasant Michigan Rail Roading 25-Jun-01
    Beatrice Helen Carmichael     Anna Carmichael   Canada    
862 21-Oct-01 Bernadette Greenaway F Mt. Pleasant George N. Greenaway Mt. Pleasant Canada   25-Jun-01
          Mary Greenaway   Michigan    


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