1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
825 6-Oct-01 Elva Thompson F Nottawa A. Thompson Nottawa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          May Thompson   Michigan    
826 26-Jul-01 Mary Anna Breishback F Nottawa Ian Breishback Nottawa Canada Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Louisa Breishback   Michigan    
827 14-Jan-01 John N. Boge M Nottawa H. Boge Nottawa Germany Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Rosina Boge   Canada    
828 4-Oct-01 Edward Henry Weiber M Nottawa Joseph Weiber Nottawa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Anna Weiber   Michigan    
829 16-Oct-01 Clara F. Gachter F Nottawa Robert Gachter Nottawa Michigan Machinist 25-Jun-01
          Paulina Gachter   Michigan    
830 29-Aug-01 John Mackefer M Fremont O. Hersall Fremont Unknown Laborer 25-Jun-01
    Adopted Illegit.   Pearl Mudy   Unknown    
831 8-Oct-01 Catherine Lawrence F Nottawa William Lawrence Nottawa Germany Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Mary Lawrence   Germany    
82 10-Oct-01 Helen Schumacher F Nottawa P. Schumacher Nottawa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Anna May Schumacher   Michigan    
833 23-Mar-01 Mathias Scholl M Nottawa Frank Scholl Nottawa Germany Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Elizabeth Mutz   Michigan    
834 25-Oct-01 William R. Wilbur M Mt. Pleasant William R. Wilbur Mt. Pleasant New York Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Ida M. Wilbur   New York    
835 25-Oct-01 Olive M. Brown F Mt. Pleasant Thomas D. Brown Mt. Pleasant Illinois Mail Carrier 25-Jun-01
          Emma Brown   Canada    
835 1/2 7-Nov-01 Fred Elton Du Bois M Lincoln Frederick C. DuBois Shepherd Ohio Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Nettie Etta Vredenburg   Michigan    
836 16-Mar-01 Maria Genevieve Tobin F Mt. Pleasant Willialm Tobin Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Nellie Tobin   Michigan    
837 30-May-01 Theda Grace Lancor F Mt. Pleasant Oscar H. Lancor Mt. Pleasant Michigan Mechanic 25-Jun-01
    Later chg: Longcar     Etta Lancor   Canada    
838 12-Jun-01 Gertrude Mae Dodds F Mt. Pleasant Francis H. Dodds Mt. Pleasant New York Lawyer 25-Jun-01
          Hattie A. Dodds   Michigan    
839 23-Oct-01 Alla Alison Taylor M Mt. Pleasant Judson C. Taylor Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Lillie Taylor   Michigan    
840 20-Mar-01 William David Sage M Mt. Pleasant William V. Sage Mt. Pleasant Michigan Teacher 25-Jun-01
          Dead   Michigan    
841 24-Nov-01 Minnie Jennett McFadden F Mt. Pleasant William O. McFadden Mt. Pleasant Michigan Electrician 25-Jun-01
          Nellie McFadden   Illinois    
842 4-Nov-01 Ethel Granger F Mt. Pleasant Elmer Granger Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Flora Granger   Michigan    
843 11-Sep-01 Anna Bell Fitz Gerald F Mt. Pleasant T. J. FitzGerald Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer 25-Jun-01
          Mary FitzGerald   Scotland    


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