1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
788 24-Oct-01 Roland L. Campbell M Deerfield Loftus Campbell Deerfield Canada Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Cora A. Campbell   Canada    
789 11-Aug-01 Henry S. Reed M Deerfield George A. Reed Deerfield Canada Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Nettie Reed   Canada    
790 12-Nov-01 Marguerite Sheehan F Deerfield Jos. A. Sheehan Deerfield Canada Farmer 25-Jun-01
          N. A. Sheehan   Canada    
790 1/2 10-Mar-01 Eva Hart F Gilmore Cyrus Hart Brinton Michigan Farmer 13-Sep-41
          Susie Demoray   Michigan    
791 23 ovt 1901 John E. Sherman M Deerfield John W. Sherman Deerfield Ohio Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Ida Sherman   Ohio    
792 31-Aug-01 Orla B. Forquer M Deerfield Thomas Milton Forquer Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Ruth  Reynolds Forquer   Michigan    
793 11-Dec-01 Bertha L. Bertram F Deerfield Adam M. Bertram Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Lena Bertram   Michigan    
794 22-Nov-01 Elton H. Sheler M Deerfield John H. Sheler Deerfield Canada Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Maud B> Sheler   Canada    
795 25-Jul-01 Elijah J. Frantz M Deerfield John Frantz Deerfield Pennsylvania Blacksmith 25-Jun-01
          Evalena Dougherty Frantz   Indiana    
796 18-Jun-01 Joseph Breidenstine M Deerfield Henry Breidenstine Deerfield Germany Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Lena Breidenstine   Illinois    
797 8-Apr-01 Clarence J. Nixon M Deerfield Lewis F. Nixon Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Ella L. Nixon   Canada    
798 7-Jun-01 Viola A. McCormick F Deerfield Hugh McCormick Deerfield Canada Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Elizabeth McCormick   Canada    
799 30-Mar-01 Maria T. Myers F Union Fred Myers Deerfield Germany Farmer 13-Sep-41
          Gusta Myers   Germany    
800 27-Jan-01 Bessie C. Alger F Deerfield Chancey M. Alger Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Lizzie A. Perry Alger   Michigan    
801 26-Mar-01 Charles Laime M Deerfield Charles Laime Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Jane Laime   Michigan    
802 13-Apr-01 Ida W. Gordon F Deerfield William Gordon Deerfield Michigan Jack of all  25-Jun-01
          Minnie L. Gordon   Ohio Trades  
803 4-Mar-01 Jerome Jones M Nottawa Dan Jones Nottawa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Libbie Jones   Michigan    
804 22-Dec-01 Minnie Meader F Nottawa John Meader Nottawa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Annie Meader   Ohio    
805 1-Aug-01 Edwing J. Zier M Nottawa John G. Zier Nottawa Bavaria Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Anna Zier   Michigan    
805 1/2 14-Aug-01 Stanley Huffman Armstrong M Mt. Pleasant Albert James Armstrong Mt. Pleasant Michigan Teacher 25-Jun-01
          Cora May Sanford   Michigan    


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