1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
769 28-Apr-01 Benjamin F. Allen M Chippewa Perry Allen Chippewa Indiana Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Emma Allen   Michigan    
770 12-Jun-01 Archie Ray Hill M Chippewa Nelson Hill Chippewa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Anna Hill   Michigan    
771 20-Dec-01 Ellen L. Goodnough F Chippewa Birel Goodnough Chippewa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          May Goodnough   Michigan    
772 4-Jun-01 Lee Foglesong M Deerfield Leroy Foglesong Deerfield Ohio Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Phebe Foglesong   Michigan    
773 9-Feb-01 Sabra H. Nixon F Deerfield Georg Nixon Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Louisa Nixon   Michigan    
774 24-May-01 Sara Bernett F Deerfield Royal Bennett Deerfield Michigan Laborer 3-Jun-53
          Susan Bennet   Michigan    
775 2-Jul-01 Carl J. Bozer M Deerfield Charles Bozer Deerfield Indiana Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Anna Johnston   Canada    
775 1/2 25-Sep-01 Della Syble Ward F Vernon John Henry Ward Vernon Canada Farmer 24-Jun-46
          Mary Rebecca Leonard   Pennsylvania    
776 3-Mar-01 Margaret C. Emery F Deerfield Charles Emery Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Anna M. Emery   Michigan    
777 15-Sep-01 Fannie A. Williams F Deerfield John Willisma Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Laura Williams   Michigan    
778 3-Mar-01 Nellie M. Bundy F Deerfield William Bundy Deerfield Ohio Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Anna B. Bundy   Michigan    
779 12-Oct-01 Lela M. Alger F Sherman Albert Alger Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Ether Alger   Michigan    
780 3-Aug-01 Neva Bellinger F Deerfield Scott Bellinger Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
    Later chg: Bellingar     Etta Carr Bellinger   Michigan    
781 12-Feb-01 Fay B. Pease M Deerfield Arven Pease Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Florence Pease   Michigan    
782 23-Feb-01 Marguerite Stutting F Deerfield Arnold Stutting Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Lydia Stutting   Ohio    
783 10-Jul-01 Irene E. Adams F Deerfield Charles Adams Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Nellie Adams   Michigan    
784 23-Jun-01 Nellie Conrad F Deerfield William Conrad Deerfield Pennsylvania Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Katie Conrad   Pennsylvania    
785 20-Aug-01 Fannie Edith Egleston F Deerfield H. A. Egleston Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Jennie A. Egleston   Michigan    
786 19-Feb-01 August O'Brien F Lincoln Alonzo O'Briend Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Cathering O'Briend   Kentucky    
787 19-May-01 Franklin A. Secord M Deerfield Clinton Decord Deerfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Nora Decord   Michigan    


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