1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
731 29-Mar-01 Pearle Sabin F Nottawa Oliver Sabin Nottawa Ohio Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Jennie Sabin   Ohio    
732 2-May-01 Helen McKinley F Nottawa Benjamin McKinley Nottawa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Mabel McKinly   Michigan    
733 1-Apr-01 John Cotter M Nottawa Frank Cotter Nottawa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Anna Cotter   Michigan    
734 25-Aug-01 Malcom J. M Nottawa Malvin Nottawa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Martha Grachten   Michigan    
735 1-Mar-01 Hary J. McClanathan M Nottawa John McClanathan Nottawa Pennsylvania Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Mary McClanathan   Michigan    
736 10-Sep-01 Mathia E. Buschell M Nottawa Adam Buschell Nottawa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Helena Buschell   Michigan    
737 2-Mar-01 Ida M. Doer F Nottawa John Doer Nottawa Canada Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Amelia Doer   Michigan    
738 10-Dec-01 Tildon Hartgrove M Chippewa Melvin Hartgrove Chippewa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Laura Hartgrove   Michigan    
739 13-Jul-01 Freda Salisbury F Chippewa E. C. Salisbury Chippewa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Ida Salisbury   Ohio    
740 1-Aug-01 Milo G. Suzor M Chippewa George Suzor Chippewa Indiana Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Etta Suzer   Michigan    
741 23-Dec-01 Albert F. Goffnett M Chippewa Jacob Goffnet Jr Chippewa NewYork Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Linda Goffnett   Indiana    
742 25-Jan-01 Gretchen H. Howarth F Chippewa Claud Howarth Chippewa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Emeline Howarth   Michigan    
743 2-Sep-01 Chalres Woodbury M Chippewa Jasper Woodbury Chippewa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Emeline Woodbury   Ohio    
744 31-Mar-01 Ernest Earl Dix M Chippewa Clinton Dix Chippewa Ohio Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Martha Dix   Ohio    
745 4-Sep-01 Lillie Vining F Chippewa James Vining Jr Chippewa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Ella Vining   Ohio    
745 1/2 6-Jan-00 Gladys Vere Gimmey F Deerfield John Gimmey Deerfield Ohio Farmer 31-Jul-41
          Mary Alice Carey   Ohio    
746 2-Sep-01 Martin Duty M Chippewa Charles Duty Chippewa Ohio Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Pheba Duty   Ohio    
747 21-Mar-01 Earl J. Waite F Chippewa Bert Waite Chippewa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Tressa Waite   Michigan    
748 28-Jun-01 Clarence W. Keefer M Chippewa Williwm Keefer Chippewa Ohio Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Mary Keefer   Ohio    
749 28-Jul-01 Arza C. Mullett M Chippewa Charles Mullett Chippewa Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Minnie Mullett   Michigan    


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