1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
713 31-Oct-01 Helen D. Blackmar F Broomfield Harvey Balckmar Broomfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Lottie Blackmar   Missouri    
714 27-Apr-01 Mary Eldred F Broomfield Harry Eldred Broomfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Viola Eldred   Michigan    
715 23-Dec-01 Miriam Sellers M Mt. Pleasant John Sellers Mt. Pleasant Canada Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Pearl Sellers   Michigan    
716    20-May-01 Roy F. Strong M Broomfield Arthur Strong Broomfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Mary Flanery Strong   Indiana    
717 25-Sep-01 Clara Meier F Broomfield Henry Meire Broomfield Canada Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Sarah Meire   Canada    
718 5-May-01 John Wesley Hey M Broomfield Oscar Hey Broomfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Eiana Hery   Pennsylvania    
719 2-Sep-01 Howard Guthrie M Broomfield Charles Guthrie Broomfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Marion Guthrie   Michigan    
720 21-Sep-01 Nina Obeerlin F Broomfield Frank Oberlin Broomfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Mary Oberlin   Michigan    
721 5-Aug-01 Ferda Johnson F Broomfield Clanrence Johnson Broomfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Ada Johnson   Michigan    
722 14-Aug-01 Rosco Philo M Broomfield A. D. Philo Broomfield Ohio Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Maggie Philo   Ohio    
723 18-Apr-01 Homer Parks M Broomfield William Parks Broomfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Natty Parks   Michigan    
724 28-Oct-01 Delbert D. Shaffer M Broomfield P. J. Shafer Broomfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Emily Shafer   Ohio    
725 7-Apr-01 Allen Otto M Broomfield Peter Otto Broomfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
    Indian     Amy Otto   Michigan    
726 22-Jun-01 Homer M. Tribby M Broomfield John Tribbey Broomfield Indiana Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Vina Tribbey   Canada    
727 20-Dec-01 Vernon L. Long M Broomfield Vern Long Broomfield Michigan Harness- 25-Jun-01
          Nora Long   Michigan maker  
728 26-Feb-01 Grace Woolworth F Broomfield Charles Woolworth Broomfield Indiana Harness- 25-Jun-01
      Twin   Maud Woolworth   Michigan maker  
728 1/2 26-Feb-01 Glenn Woolworth M Broomfield Charles Woolworth Broomfield Indiana Farmer 25-Jun-01
      Twin   Maud Woolworth   Michigan    
29-Dec-01 10-Jun-01 Parks M Broomfield Edwin Parks Broomfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Lena Parks   Michigan    
730 23-Jun-01 Charles Gachten M Broomfield Joseph Grachten Broomfield Michigan Farmer 25-Jun-01
          Martha Grachten   Michigan    
730 1/2 5-Feb-01 Earl Ernest :Myers M Coe John Harvey Myers Plesant Valley Michigan Farmer 9-May-40
          Cora Thornton   Michigan    


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