1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Vernon Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
694 23-Apr-01 Ilme Gallagher F Isabella Patrick Gallagher Isabella Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Bridget Gallagher   Canada    
695 23-May-01 Lulu Quinlan F Isabella William Quinlan Isabella Kansas Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Inez Wuinlan   Kansas    
696 16-Aug-01 Phebe Violet Jewell F Isabella James Jewell Isabella Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Alice Reed Jewell   Ohio    
697 18-Apr-01 David Leryo Ackerman M Isabella Joseph Ackerman Isabella Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Minnie Ackerman   Michigan    
698 5-Dec-01 William Therring M Isabella William Therring Isabella NewYork Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Louise Therring   Michigan    
699 13-Dec-01 Lot Hirman Briggs M Isabella Lathrop J. Biggs Isabella Michigan Photographer 3-Jun-01
          Anna Briggs   Minnesota    
700 12-Mar-01 Arthur Henry Cooper M Isabella William J. Cooper Isabella Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Nellie Cooper   Michigan    
700 1/2 22-Feb-01 Ida Del Ely F Mt. Pleasant Adelbert Ellsworth Ely Mt. Pleasant Ohio Printer 5-Jul-41
          Ida Melissa Hardy   Canada    
701 21-Jul-01 Mary Sears F Isabella Frank Sears Isabella Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Nellie Sears   Michigan    
702 23-Apr-01 Edna May Gearhart F Isabella Charles Gearhart Isabella Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Nettie Gearhart   Michigan    
703 10-Aug-01 Lawrence Frank Clare M Isabella Frank J. Clare Isabella NewYork Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Angeline Clare   NewYork    
704 26-Aug-01 Howard Catlin M Isabella George Catlin Isabella NewYork Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Mary Catlin   NewYork    
705 21-Mar-01 Erma Ione Walton F Isabella Thomas Walton Isabella Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Blanche Walton   Michigan    
706 1-Mar-01 Riva Flowers F Broomfield Charles Flowers Broomfield Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Eva Flowers   Ohio    
707 7-Jan-01 Hermn Lueder M Broomfield William Lueder Broomfield Germany Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Albertina Lueder   Germany    
708 13-Feb-01 William Krueger M Broomfield Carl Kruger Broomfield Germany Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Berta Kruger   Germany    
709 1-Feb-01 Lora Winter F Broomfield Jacob Winter Broomfield Germany Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Wilhelmina Winter   Germany    
710 16-Mar-01 Henry Smith M Broomfield Lewis Smith Broomfield Germany Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Louise Smith   Michigan    
711 5-Sep-01 Celia Smith F Broomfield Jacob Smith Broomfield Germany Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Mary Smith   Michigan    
712 22-Jan-01 Milfred Inex Galer F Broomfield Egbert Galer Broomfield Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Ora Galer   Ohio    


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