1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
675 6-Feb-01 Sylvester Hawkins M Gilmore Lewis Hawkins Gilmore Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Ione Hawkins   Michigan    
676 6-Sep-01 Raymond W. Youman M Gilmore William Youman Gilmore Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Rose Youman   Indiana    
677 17-Nov-01 Florence M. Stough F Cadillac John W. Stough Gilmore Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Alice Stough   Michigan    
678 20-Aug-01 Timothy Bogan M Vernon Timothy Bogan Vernon Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Mary Bogan   Canada    
679 10-Apr-01 Thomas A. Elliott M Vernon Joseph Elliott Vernon Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Clare Elliott   Canada    
680 25-Feb-01 Melba R. Willaimson F Vernon John H. Williamson Vernon Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Mable B. Williamson   Michigan    
681 20-Jun-01 Myrtle Sullen F Vernon John Sullen Vernon Ohio Laborer 3-Jun-01
          Idella Sullen   Missouri    
682 2-Sep-01 Jenniee M. Hudson F Vernon Charles F. Hendson Vernon Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Rilla A. Hendson   Michigan    
683 6-Jul-01 Archie R. Onderkirk M Vernon John H. Onderkirk Vernon Illinois Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Mary Onderkirk   Michigan    
684 2-Sep-01 Fannie Ester Harris F Vernon William Harris Vernon NewYork Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Mary Harris   Michigan    
685 4-Nov-01 Eulalia Mae Turbush F Vernon George Turbush Vernon Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Clara Turbush   Pennsylvania    
685 1/2 23-May-01 Mildred Aptell F Mt. Pleasant Manley E. Aptell Vicksbury Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Mabel Northrup   Michigan    
686 6-May-01 Zetta Omens F Vernon Hugh Omen Vernon Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Alma Omen   Michigan    
687 26-Apr-01 Arthur Geer M Ohio Arthey C. Geer Vernon Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Caroline Geer   Ohio    
688 19-Apr-01 Owen Bouder M Michigan John Bouder Vernon Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Alice Bouder   Michigan    
689 6-May-01 John E. Duncan M Vernon John Duncan Vernon Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Amelia Duncan   Germany    
690 20-Dec-01 Patrick William Gallagher M Isabella Thomas Gallagher Isabella Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Julia Gallagher   NewYork    
691 29-Oct-01 Margaret A. Hyslop F Isabella Alexander Hyslop Isabella Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
    Later chg: Hislop     Agnes Dunn Hyslop   Canada    
692 21-Feb-01 Elmer Gorden Fisher M Isabella Peter Risher Isabella Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          May Fisher   Michigan    
693 30-Sep-01 Myrtle Thayer F Isabella William G. Thayer Isabella Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Anna Thayer   Michigan    


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