1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
646 2-Apr-01 Joseph M. McConnell M Wise Joseph McConnell Wise Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Anna McConnell   Michigan    
647 1-Feb-01 John F. McGuire M Wise Edward McGuire Wise Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Rachel McGuire   Michigan    
648 28-Dec-01 Baby Methner Stillborn Wise F. F. Methner Wise Germany Farmer 3-Jun-01
    Baby Methner Stillborn   Pauine Methner   Germany    
649 28-Apr-01 Bessie Obery F Wise Charles Obery Wise Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Minnie Obery   Michigan    
650 24-May-01 Frank Herman M Wise J. F. Herman Wise Germany Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Pauline Herman   Germany    
651 6-Jun-01 Kate Zinzer F Wise Gottlieb Zinzer Wise Germany Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Christina Wimpleimer Zinger   Germany    
652 26-Sep-01 Lillian Curtiss F Wise W. J, Curtiss Wise Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Ruth Curtiss   Ohio    
653 28-Apr-01 Howard Pelcher M Wise Simon Pelcher Wise Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Lucy Pelcher   Michigan    
654 28-Sep-01 John McComb M Wise Arthur McComb Wise Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
              West Virginia    
655 23-Aug-01 Raymond Dunlop M Wise Allen Dunlap Wise Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Anna Dunlap   Michigan    
656 11-May-01 David Grover M Wise Martin Grover Wise Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Jennie Grover   Michigan    
657 24-Mar-01 Verdie Wiggins M Clare Isaac Wiggins Clare Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Emily Wiggins   Canada    
658 24-Mar-01 Fernie McKenzie M Clare William McKenzie Clare Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Mary McKenzie   Michigan    
659 27-Dec-01 Cora Ellen Anger M Gilmore Allen Anger Gilmore Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Abbie Anger   Wisconsin    
670 27-Oct-01 Edward A. Rickles M Gilmore Rich Rickles Gilmore Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Annie Rickles   Ohio    
671 5-Apr-01 Carl Ellsworth Sanders M Shepherd Charles Fred Sanders Shepherd Michigan Farmer 21-Jun-41
          May Cole   Michigan    
671 6-Aug-01 Betsey Purdy F Gilmore J. Purdy Gilmore Canada Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Mary Purdy   Michigan    
672 1-Apr-01 Milo Whitney Allbee M Gilmore George Allbee Gilmore Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Rosetta Allbee   Ohio    
673 26-Feb-01 Mabel Bell Wixson F Gilmore Edward Wixson Gilmore Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Stella Wixson   Michigan    
674 3-Jun-01 Russell H. Hatfield M Gilmore William H. Hatfield Gilmore Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-01
          Mary Hatfield   Michigan    


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