1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Rose Eberhart Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
629 17-Dec-01 Eva Loomis F Wise Homer Loomis Wise Pennsylvania Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Maud Loomis   Michigan    
630 11-May-01 Pearl Strauch F Wise William Strauch Wise Ohio Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Delilah Strauch   Michigan    
630 1/2 4-Nov-01 Ruth Fike F Wise Edwin Fike Wise Virginia Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Barrie Fike   Michigan    
629 1/2 27-Jun-01 Andrew Adelbert Lane M Sherman City Andrew Adelbert Lane Sherman City Michigan Farmer 12-Jul-41
          Emelia Barrett   Michigan    
631 8-May-01 Sylvester Hadley M Wise John Hadley Wise Canada Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Minnie Hadley   Michigan    
632 12-Sep-01 Harry Slater M Wise W.F. Slater Wise Michigan Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Laura Slater   Michigan    
633 29-Dec-01 Ernest Morse M Wise Reuben Morse Wise NewYork Merchant 25-Jan-02
          Ellen Morse   Michigan    
634 25-Jul-01 Fannie F. Crane F Wise Robert Reed Wise Canada Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Eva Crane   Michigan    
635 20-Dec-01 Edith Loomis F Wise Frank Loomis Wise Pennsylvania Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Jennie Loomis   Michigan    
636 21-Dec-01 Olive Phillips F Wise Ashel Phillips Wise Canada Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Jennie Squires Phillips   Canada    
637 27-Apr-01 Harmon Sneer M Wise Frank Sneer Wise Michigan Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Bell Sneer   Canada    
638 20-Dec-01 Adolph Herman M Wise Philip Herman Wise Germany Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Louisa Herman   Canada    
639 23-Jul-01 Marijane Lansing F Wise Isaac Lansing Wise Canada Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Hattie Lansing   Michigan    
640 14-Jun-01 Mary E. May F Wise R. W. May Wise Wisconsin Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Rebecca May   Ohio    
641 11-May-01 James Vrooman M Vernon Sam Vrooman Vernon NewYork Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Alice Vrooman Wise Michigan    
642 14-Jun-01 Bernie Gregory M Wise Elry Gregory Wise Ohio Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Dora Gregory   Pennsylvania    
643 29-Sep-01 Walter Riker M Deerfield G. L. Riker Wise Michigan Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Ida Riker   Michigan    
644 9-Feb-01 Ethel Roe F Sheridan John Roe Wise Canada Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Alice Roe   Canada    
645 13-Sep-01 Lottie Alton F Wise Richard Alton Wise Canada Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Mary Alton   Michigan    
645 1/2 27-Apr-01 John Henry M Rolland William Henry Blanchard NewYork Farmer 10-Oct-40
          Lena Decker   Michigan    


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