1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
609 25-Sep-01 Ruth M. Bennnett F Denver William V. Bennett Denver Michigan Laborer 09-Sep-01
          Emma C. Bennett   Michigan    
610 15-Jul-01 Olive Tripp F Detroit William Tripp Denver Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Octavia Tripp   Ohio    
611 21-Aug-01 Freed Tripp M Denver Charles Tripp Denver Canada Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Nellie M. Tripp   Michigan    
612 3-Aug-01 Gladus Krimer F Denver George Krimer Denver Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
    Later Chg: Kriener     Bertha Krimer   Michigan    
613 23-Dec-01 Frona J. Shemaker F Denver Peter Shoemaker Denver NewYork Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Elizabeth Bader Shoemaker   Michigan    
614 20-Oct-01 Bertha T Thorpe F Denver Fred P. Thorpe Denver Michigan Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Isabella Thorpe   Michigan    
615 25-Dec-01 Orwin Raymond M Denver Orwin C. Raymond Denver Michigan Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Minnie Raymond   Michigan    
615 1/2 2-Sep-01 Charlie Roy Woodbury M Chippewa Andrew Jasper Woodbury Denver Michigan Farmer 11-Dec-40
          Josephine Elizabeth Downing   Ohio    
617 9-Nov-01 George B. Kirkey M Denver Joseph Kirkey Denver Canada Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Agnes Rose Kirkey   Canada    
618 11-Jul-01 Clela V. Owen F Union John J. Owen Denver Michigan Laborer 25-Jan-02
          Lena A. Owen   Michigan    
619 25-Nov-01 Wingield E. Ringa M Ohio James Ringa Denver Kentucky Laborer 25-Jan-02
          Anna J. Ringa   Kentucky    
620 29-Nov-01 Ruby Mogg F Denver Bert E. Mogg Denver Michigan Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Eliza Mogg   Canada    
621 27-Dec-01 Paul Estel Notring M Wise Adam Notring Denver Michigan Farmer 25-Jan-02
              West Virginia    
622 19-Dec-01 Sarah I. Render F Denver Curtis A. Render Denver Ohio Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Rose A. Render   Nebraska    
623 8-May-01 Lena Foster F Denver J. G> Foster Denver England Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Mary Foster   England    
624 18-May-01 George A. Lackie M Denver George Lackie Denver NewYork Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Mary Lackie   Michigan    
625 30-May-01 Zilla May Anderson F Wise George Anderson Denver Canada Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Lizzie Anderson   Michigan    
626 7-Mar-01 Helen Badgley F Clare, Mich. H. F. Badgley Wise Canada Merchant 25-Jan-02
          Phee Badgley   Michigan    
627 26-Apr-01 Baby Maxwell F Wise W. J. Maxwell Wise Canada Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Clara Maxwell   Canada    
628 8-Aug-01 Emma Eberhart F Wise   Wise Michigan Farmer 25-Jan-02
          Martin Eberhart   Pennsylvania    


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