1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
590 10-Sep-01 Ralph Amy M Sherman Edward Army Jr Sherman Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
591 1-Sep-01 Howard Leiter M Sherman Charles E. Leiter Sherman NewYork Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Emma Leiter   Michigan    
592 21-Feb-01 Lathum M Sherman Charley Lathum Sherman Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Kattie Lathum   Michigan    
593 12-Dec-01 Leonard L. Herrington M Sherman Fred L. Herrington Sherman Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Cordelia E. Herrington   Michigan    
594 15-Apr-01 Roseline Denslow F Sherman Lafayette L. Denslow Sherman Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Kate Denslow   Pennsylvania    
595 31-Mar-01 Brooks M Sherman George B. Brooks Sherman Iowa Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Bertha A. Brooks   Michigan    
596 20-Aug-01 Minnie A. Ryckman F Sherman William C. Ryckman Sherman Canada Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Della B> Ryckman   Michigan    
597 22-Jul-01 Howard A. Mull M Sherman Frank B. Mull Sherman Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          May M. Mull   Michigan    
598 9-Jul-01 Miles R. Bachelder M Sherman Newton P. Bachelder Sherman Michigan Laborer 09-Sep-01
          Eva  D. Bachelder   Michigan    
599 mar 18 1901 Daughton E. Sanderson M Sherman John Sanderson Sherman Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Nora Sanderson   Indiana    
600 16-Jun-01 George Middlesworth M Sherman George H. Middlesworth Sherman Michigan Merchant 09-Sep-01
    Gerald Middlesworth Twins   Cary E. Middlesworth   Michigan    
600 1/2 12 pr 1901 Arnold Reed Tinker M Sherman Marshall George Tinker Titus Michigan Farmer 18-Feb-41
          Josie Mabel Hard   Michigan    
601 24-Jul-01 Warren M. Nellis M Sherman Norman Nellis Sherman Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Jennie M. Nellis   Michigan    
602 6-Mar-01 Choice R. Faling F Sherman Earnest L. Faling Sherman Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Ana W. Faling   Michigan    
603 20-Nov-01 Bertha M. Brown F Denver Charles C. Brown Denver Ohio Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Cletus E. Brown   Ohio    
604 10-Feb-01 Lottie M. Wicks F Denver John A. Wicks Denver Ohio Laborer 15-Feb-41
          Annie M. Wickes   Ohio    
605 18-Sep-01 Earl Owens M Denver Elias Owens Denver Canada Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Lydia Owens   Canada    
606 27-Jun-01 Pearl Nottawa F Denver Frank Nottawa Denver Michigan Laborer 09-Sep-01
    Indian     Jennie Nottawa   Michigan    
607 6-May-01 Peter Bowen M Denver Peter Bowen Denver Canada Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Clara Bowen   Michigan    
608 3-Sep-01 Russell C. Hubble M Canada Arthur Hubble Denver Canada Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Lilly M. Hubble   Canada    


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