1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
534 25-Oct-01 Gordon Reid M Union Josua Reid Union Canada Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Louisa Reid   Michigan    
535 22-Oct-01 Margaret Cecil  O'Hora F Union Patrick O'Hora Union Canada Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Mary Hamilton O'Horo   Canada    
536 29-Oct-01 Frederick R. McDonald M Union John McDonald , Jr. Union Canada Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Anna McDonald   NewYork    
537 20-May-01 William Julius Brenner M Deerfiedl Village Frank J. Breener Union Germany Farmer 3-Jun-03
        Lenawe Co. Rosa Brenner   Ohio    
538 19-Feb-01 Nettie Green F Hatton Twp Melvin Green Union Michigan Laborer 3-Jun-03
        Clare Co. Agnes Green Clare Co. Michigan    
539 2-Oct-01 Mary B. Courter F Union James M. Courter Union Ohio Renter 3-Jun-03
          Julia Courter   Ohio    
540 21-Mar-01 Stella E. Hobbs F Union Mason Hobbs Union Michigan Miller 3-Jun-03
          Mary Hobbs   NewYork    
540 1/2 6-Feb-01 John Henry Milburn M Wise James Milburn Wise Canada Farmer Mar. 5, 1941
    Colored     Eliza Berry   Canada    
541 5-Nov-01 Lloyd M. Bufford M Union James Harry Bufford Union Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Alice M. Bufford   Michigan    
542 19-Feb-01 Nellie Mabel Caldwell F Union W. H. Caldwell Union Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Matilda Caldwell   Ohio    
543 17-Mar-01 Eva B. Arser F New Haven Cyrus A. Arser Union Canada Farmer 3-Jun-03
        Shiawasee Co. Lavernay Arser   Michigan    
544 18-Jun-01 Beatrice Shippey F Rapid River Florian Shippey Union Michigan Ditcher 3-Jun-03
        Kalkaska Co. Winnie Shippey   Michigan    
545 28-Aug-01 Helen E. Leathon F Union Grant M. Leathon Union NewYork Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Phebe Lathon   Michigan    
546 29-Nov-01 May B. Adams F Union George Adams Union Michigan Laborer 3-Jun-03
          Nellie Adams   Michigan    
547 19-Sep-01 Mary L. Whitehead F Union Edward Whtestead Union Michigan Laborer 3-Jun-03
          Delia Whitestead   NewYork    
548 28-Jul-01 Herman Jones M Union Gilbert Jones Union Michigan Laborer 3-Jun-03
          Rosa Jones   Michigan    
549 2-Jan-01 Violet Viola Gilbert F Coldwater George E. Gilbert Coldwater Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Nina M. Stockdill Gilbert   Michigan    
550 23-Jan-01 Jesse J. Field M Coldwater James H. Field Coldwater Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Edna Field   NewYork    
551 17-Apr-01 Howard  Seadore M Coldwater Frank Seadore Coldwater NewYork Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Lillie Seadore   NewYork    
552 5-Nov-01 Frederick J. Shilling M Coldwater Milton Shilling Coldwater Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Eliza Shilling   Canada    


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