1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
515 1-Nov-01 Louie C. Griffith F Rolland Lewis C. Griffith Rolland Ohio Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Mary Griffith   Switzerland    
516 30-May-01 Della M. Warner F Rolland Leo Warner Rolland Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Maud Warner   Michigan    
517 12-Jun-01 Daniel Mitchel M Rolland Leonard Mitchel Rolland NewYork Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Carrie Mitchel   Ohio    
518 5-Jun-01 Lucile C. Robart F Rolland Jesse Robart Rolland Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Maud Robart   Michigan    
519 24-Aug-01 Nellie Spicer F Millbrook Fred Spicer Rolland Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Alma Spicer   Michigan    
520 10-May-01 Vadah F. Rowley F Rolland Frank Rowley Rolland Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Bertha Rowley   Michigan    
521 11-Jul-01 Mark DeWitt M Rolland Homer Dewitt Rolland Tennessee Miller 3-Jun-03
          Mary Dewitt   Michigan    
522 27-Oct-01 Hazel Eva Wallace F Union Charles T. Wallace Union Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Ida Wallace   NewYork    
523 17-May-01 Robert Martin Butler M Union Manley Butler Union Michigan Laborer 3-Jun-03
          Alice Butler   Michigan    
524 12-Nov-01 Queenie May Hann F Union Georgie E. Hann Union NewYork Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Pollie E. Hann   Michigan    
525 14-May-01 Ioma Ellen Smith F Mt. Pleasant Orsen L. Smith Mt. Pleasant Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Maud Smith   Michigan    
525 1/2 28-May-01 Llayce Donald Bissell M Coe Paul Murray Bissell Coe Michigan Mail Carrier 3-Jun-03
          Essie Hibbard Struble   Michigan    
526 31-Aug-01 Rosa Helena Griffeth F Chippewa Arthur J. Griffeth Union Michigan Laborer 3-Jun-03
          Geraldine Griffeth   Michigan    
527 10-Apr-01 Julia Viola Cad F Union Seth B. Cady Union Michigan Laborer 3-Jun-03
          Viola Cady   Michigan    
528 21-May-01 Anetta Isabel McRae F Union Finley J. McRae Union Canada Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Frances E. MacRae   Canada    
529 11-Feb-01 Charles Trim M Union John Trim Union Michigan Laborer 3-Jun-03
          Elizabeth Trim   Michigan    
530 4-Dec-01 Anastatia Mayne F Union Patrick Mayne Union Canada Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Rosanna Mayne   Canada    
531 11-Dec-01 Imogene Quinlin F Union William Quinlin Union Canada Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Barbara Quinlin   Canada    
532 28-Aug-01 John McDonald M Union George Q. McDonald Union Canada Miller 3-Jun-03
          Mary Ann McDonald   Canada    
533 31-May-01 Sylvia A. Wilson F Union William Wilson Union Canada Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Mertie Wilson   Canada    


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