1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
496 16-Apr-01 Inez Curtis F Fremont Waldo J. Curtis Fremont Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Flossie Curtis   Michigan    
497 13-Jan-01 Beatrice Prentiss F Fremont William Prentiss Fremont Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Alice Prentiss   Michigan    
498 20-Dec-01 Henry Jame Foster M Fremont Archie Foster Fremont Canada Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Sarah Foster   Ohio    
499 Nov 31, 1901 Mary L. Burkholder F Rolland John Burkholder Rolland Ohio Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Ella Burkholder   Indiana    
500 19-Nov-01 Claud Pease M Rolland Elmer Peas Rolland Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Emma Peas   Michigan    
501 2-Nov-01 John Clifford Tate M Rolland Russel Tate Rolland Ohio Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Emma Pointer Tate   Ohio    
502 7-Jun-01 J. W. Gibson M Rolland Andrew Gibson Rolland Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Alma Gibson   Michigan    
503 20-Jul-01 Carrie B. Garrison F Broomfield Henry A. Garrison Rolland Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Maud Garrison   Michigan    
504 9-May-01 Burton Davis M McBride Fred Davis Rolland Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Susan Davis   Ohio    
505 13-May-01 Gerald Diehl M Millbrook Joseph Diehl Rolland Pennsylvania Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Edna Diehl   Michigan    
506 6-Nov-01 Theodore Guy M Rolland John Guy Rolland Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Alice Guy   Virginia    
507 2-Aug-01 Cleo Dush M Rolland Oscar Dush Rolland Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Lucy Dush   Michigan    
508 28-Jun-01 Roshel Ohls M Rolland Lorenzo Ohls Rolland Michigan Laborer 3-Jun-03
          Addie Ohls   Michigan    
509 5-Sep-01 Wilber Blount M Rolland Frank Blount Rolland Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Sarah Blount   Michigan    
510 29-Jul-01 Flossie L. Carr F Essex L. L. Carr Essex Michigan Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Anna L. Carr   Ohio    
510 1/2 19-May-01 Francis Thurman Dumas M Shepherd William Dumas Shepherd NewYork Potash Maker June 9 1941
          Blanche Bell Brace   Michigan    
511 5-Jul-01 AndreW J. Courser M Rolland Ephraim Courser Rolland NewYork Farmer 3-Jun-03
          Emma Courser   Ohio    
512 12-Oct-01 Jessie M. Robinson F Rolland Carver W. Robinson Rolland Michigan Laborer 3-Jun-03
          Elizabeth Robinson   Indiana    
513 14-Sep-01 Alma Wellhalf F Rolland Joseph Wellhalf Rolland Ohio Laborer 3-Jun-03
          Florence Wellhalf   Ohio    
514 26-Jun-01 Maud Marie Parrott F Rolland Vernon Parrott Rolland Michigan Laborer 3-Jun-03
          Elsie Parrott   Michigan    



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