1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
478 15-May-01 Archie T. Earl M Fremont Truba Earl Fremont Michigan Clerk 9-Sep-01
          Irene Earl   Pennsylvania    
479 7-Sep-01 Ethel Hanke F Fremont Henry Hanke Fremont Germany Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Lillie Hanke   Michigan    
480 28-Jan-01 Anna F. Sanderson F Fremont Joseph Sanderson Fremont Michigan Laborer 9-Sep-01
          Clara Sanderson   Michigan    
480 1/2 2 Aug 1896 John Richard Raymond Jarrait M Mt. Plesant John Babtise Jarriat Mt. Pleasant Michigan Painter 01-Jul-41
          Lydia Anna Nolan   Michigan    
481 3-Apr-01 Clara Curtiss F Fremont John M. Curtiss Fremont NewYork Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Mina Hey Curtiss   Michigan    
482 20-Sep-01 Gladys May Nohl F Fremont Alexander Nohl Fremont Ohio Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Emily Nohl   Michigan    
483 3-Apr-01 Ethel M. Baker F Fremont Herbert Evans Fremont Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
      Illegit.   Edith Baker   Michigan    
484 11-Dec-01 Duane Young M Fremont John Young Fremont Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Nellie Young   Michigan    
485 15-Nov-01 John H. McNutt M Fremont Walter McNutt Fremont Ohio Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Effa L. Reen McNutt   Pennsylvania    
486 17-Feb-01 Loran Betterly M Fremont Roy Betterly Fremont Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Lillie Betterly   Michigan    
487 15-Oct-01 Leila L. Richmong F Fremont Jesse Richmond Fremont Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Enda Parkinson Richmong   Michigan    
488 24-Feb-01 Elias B. Hungerford M Fremont Hrace B. Hungerford Fremont Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Mary Hungerford   Michigan    
489 30-Oct-01 Bernidett Master F Fremont Samuel Master Fremont Ohio Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Nora Master   Michigan    
490 15-Nov-01 Ida May Riggle F Fremont Leonard Riggle Fremont Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Metti Riggle   Michigan    
491 16-Mar-01 Walter Thea Allan M Fremont Benjamin Allend Fremont Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Elena Allen   Michigan    
492 12-Jun-01 Cecil Riley Cullmore M Fremont George Cullemore Fremont Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Emma Cullemore   Michigan    
493 23-Aug-01 Leoron Metcalk F Fremont Levi Metcalf Fremont Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Inez Ball Metcalf   Michigan    
494 29-Oct-01 Clell Moray M Fremont Loran Moray Fremont Ohio Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Emma Moray   Indiana    
495 16-Aug-01 Susan Main F Fremont Irving Main Fremont Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Florence Main   Indiana    
495 1/2 19-Aug-01 Claraence Oliver Duncan M Mt. Pleasant Cade Duncan St. Charles Ohio Coal Miner 9-Sep-01
          Rosa Caroline Craven   Michigan    


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