1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
459 16-Apr-01 Abner Thompson M Lincoln Perry Thompson Lincoln Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Estella Thomspn   Michigan    
460 17-Oct-01 Arthur W. Hartford M Lincoln Frank Harford Lincoln Canada Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Lillian Hartford   Michigan    
461 1-Nov-01 Katy Cascoran F Lincoln James Cascoran Lincoln Canada Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Nellie Cascoran   Canada    
462 18-Jul-01 Glenie Myers M Lincoln Archie Myers Lincoln Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Samantah Myers   West Virginia    
463 9-Nov-01 Hayden C. Duffy M Lincoln John Duffy Lincoln Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Celia Duffy   Michigan & Carpenter  
464 1-Sep-01 Mary V. Murray F Lincoln William Murry Lincoln Ohio Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Margaret Murry   Canada    
465-A 8-Aug-01 Ray Cook M Fremont Lorenzo Cook Fremont Michigan Stone Mason 09-Sep-01
    Roy Cook Twins   Mary Cook   Pennsylvania    
465 1/2 17-Feb-01 Adrian Neal Decker M Lincoln Oscar Edward Decker Shepherd Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Florence Gill   Michigan    
466 28-Dec-01 Jennie Ida Howay F Fremont Frank Howay Fremont Canada Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Austa Howay   Michigan    
467 21-Sep-01 Howard Larry Walker M Fremont Charles H. Walker Fremont Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Hasy Walker   Michigan    
468 3-Oct-01 Edna L. Burns F Fremont A. J. Burns Fremont Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Ada Burns   Michigan    
469 12-Jun-01 Lefa Bell Thompson F Fremont William Thompson Fremont Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Fanny M. Thompson   Michigan    
470 15-Aug-01 Roland Vanalstine M Fremont Cornelius Vanalstine Fremont Canada Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Catherine Vanalstine   Michigan    
471 2-Nov-01 Gussie Wyant M Fremont Oliver Wyant Fremont Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Hattie Wyant   Michigan    
472 23-Dec-01 Coral Taylor F Fremont Leander L. Taylor Fremont Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Retta Taylor   Canada    
473 28-Mar-01 Ida May Peck F Fremont Henry W. Peck Fremont Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Nettie E. Taylor Peck   Michigan    
474 15-Apr-01 Nellie Casgatt F Lincoln Henry C. Casgatt Fremont Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Effa Casgatt   Unable to read    
475 14-Jul-01 Richard Moor M Fremont George Moor Fremont NewYork Laborer 9-Sep-01
          Serena Moor   Ohio    
476 10-Aug-01 Dewitt Richardson M Fremont Silas Richardson Fremont Michigan Saloon Keeper 09-Sep-01
          Flora Richardson   Michigan    
477 12-Jan-01 Mabel Hunt F Fremont Len Hurzie Fremont Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
      Illegit.   Marion Hunt   Michigan    




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