1901 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
440 1-Oct-01 Merle Thibos M New York Roos Thibos Coe Michigan Clergyman 09-Sep-01
          Mabel Thibos   NewYork    
441 7-Jun-01 White   M Coe Ardie White Coe Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
      Stillborn   Lettie White   Ohio    
442 7-Oct-01 Rulha Childs F Coe Roland Childs Coe Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Edna Childs   Michigan    
443 9-Aug-01 Clarence W. Butler M Lincoln Ellet Butler Fremont Virginia Laborer 9-Sep-01
      Illegit.   Mabel Wonsey Lincoln Michigan    
444 20-Jun-01 Lyle B. Blizzard M Lincoln Claud Blizzard Lincoln Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Myrtle Blizzard   Michigan    
445 Mar-01 Mildred McDonald F Lincoln George McDonald Lincoln NewYork Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Catherine McDonald   Wisconsin    
446 25-Jun-01 Cleo McMackin M Lincoln Howard McMackin Lincoln Ohio Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Eliza McMackin   Michigan    
447 15-Jun-01 Daniel W. Reed M Lincoln Milton Reed Lincoln Wisconsin Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Lottie Reed   Michigan    
448 7-Nov-01 Fred E. Dubois M Lincoln Fred Dubois Lincoln Ohio Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Nettie Dubois   Michigan    
449 2-Sep-01 Carl W. Demming M Fremont David Demming Lincoln Michigan Laborer 9-Sep-01
          Fyra Demming   Michigan    
450 20-Nov-01 Helen E. Rowlader F Lincoln Jesse Rowlader Lincoln Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Dela Rowlader   Ohio    
450 1/2 29-Mar-01 Charlie Lewis Marriott M Union Charles B. Marriott Union Michigan Laborer 26-May-41
          Mary Jane Taylor   Michigan    
451 15-Sep-01 Albert C. Vandenberg M Lincoln Perry Vandenberg Lincoln Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Carrie Vandenberg   Michigan    
452 1-Aug-01 Silas F. Sewell M Lincoln L. D. Sewell Lincoln Illinois Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Carrie Sewell   NewYork    
453 16-Dec-01 Madge L. Johnson F Lincoln Theron A. Johnson Lincoln Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Fannie V. Johnson   Michigan    
454 28-Aug-01 Oscar Hendee M Lincoln Ira A. Hendee Lincoln Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Nora E. Hendee   Michigan    
455 3-Dec-01 Hazel M. Green F Lincoln John C. Green Lincoln Michigan Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Henrietta Green   Ohio    
456 12-Mar-01 Reatha M. Green F Lincoln Lewis Green Lincoln Michigan Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Eleanor Green   Michigan    
457 11-May-01 Carlyle Strever M Lincoln Albert Strever Lincoln Illinois Farmer 09-Sep-01
          Charlotte Strever   Michigan    
458 29-Aug-01 Atta Strong F Lincoln Elua Strong Lincoln Ohio Farmer 9-Sep-01
          Eslitta Strong   Pennsylvania    



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