OF ISABELLA COUNTY, MI





BROOMFIELD, Wm             Farming and Stock Raising. Mr. Broomfield came to Isabella County in 1861 and settled in Broomfield twp. As a squatter. When the homestead bill passed he was the first man in Isabella County to enter a homestead. The town is named after him


COOK, Theodore                   Farming and Stock raising.


FRITZ, John                           Farming and Stock raising. Mr. Fritz was born in Germany in 1858 and came to America in 1880. He settled in Broomfield twp in 1887. Mr. Fritz was married to Miss Frederika Dust in 1875, and has 10 children, 6 boys and 4 girls.


HUMMEL, Wm.                    General Farming.


PLATT, Fred                          Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, Dry Goods and Clothing. Highest market price paid for Butter and Eggs.


QUINN, Sylvester                  Farming and Stock Raising


WOODRUFF, E. W.              Farming and Stock Raising


WRIGHT, H. D.                     Farming and Stock Raising


ARMSTRONG, Jacob           Farming. Born in Kendal, Westmorland County, England in 1832 and moved to New York State in 1833. Moved to Chippewa Twp. In 1863.



CLEVELAND, Ellen             Born in Loraine County, Ohio in 1846. Moved to Wood County, Ohio in 1854 and settled in Isabella County in 1866.


GATEHOUSE, J. U.              Farming. Born in Stuben County in 1870, moved to Isabella Co. In 1880.


GILBERT, S. L.                     Farming. Born in Ohio 1847. Moved to Ashtabula Co., Ohio 1865. Has lived in Isabella Co. Since 1865.


HARDGROVE, Frank           Saw Mill and Farming. Town Supervisor.


HIBBARD, E. M.                   Farming. Born in Fuller Co., Ohio 1851. Moved to Michigan 1868.


HOOK, G. W.                        Farming. Born in Isabella Co., Michigan 1865.


LANDON, Jane                      Farming.


LOCKWOOD, John C           Farming. Born in Oakland Co. In 1847. Moved to Isabella Co. In 1884.


McCLIGGETT, John             Farming. Born in New York City in 1873. Moved to Isabella Co. In 1876.


OBERLIN, Wm.                    Farming. Born in Stark Co., Ohio 1830. Moved to Kalb Co., Indiana 1844. Moved to Isabella Co. 1856.


SALISBURY, E. A.               Farming. Superintendent of Poor.


SALISBURY, E. B.               Farming. Born in Isabella Co. 1873. Town Clerk.


SALISBURY, E. L.                Farming and Dairying. Born in Isabella Co. 1870.


SERVOSS, Emma                  Farming. Born in Berg, Orleans Co., NY. Moved to Isabella Co. 1864.


WOODBURY, Wm.              Farming. Born in Kingsville, Ohio in 1840. Moved to Isabella Co. 1882.

            COE TOWNSHIP


ANKROM, T. J.                     Farmer and Breeder of Full Blood and Graded Red Polled Cattle and Shropshire Sheep.


ARDNER, Wm. H.                Farming. Born in Ohio 1838. Came to Isabella Co 1899.


BAKER, A. G.                       Farming. Born in New York 1863. Came to Isabella Co 1867.


BEST, Geo.                            Farming. Born in Coe Twp. 1874.


CHILDS, Charles                   Farmer and Breeder of Full-Blood Poland China Hogs.


CHILDS, Ira                           Farmer and Breeder of Full-Blood Poland China Hogs.


CHILDS, Jessa                       Farmer and Breeder of Full-Blood and Graded Short Horn Cattle, Lincoln Sheep and Poland China Hogs.


COHOON, R. M.                   Farming. Born in Coe Twp. 1871.


DRAKE, Ward                       General Farming.


ESTEE, P. H.                          Farming. Born in Coe twp. In 1866.


FAUSETT, S. W.                   Farmer and Breeder of Full-Blood Short Horn Cattle and Poland China Hogs. Born in New York 1832. Came to Isabella Co. 1878.


GIRVIN, T. H.                       Farming. Moderator of School District No. 3. Born in Ohio 1864. Came to Isabaella Co. 1869.


GRAICHEN, E. E.                 Farmer and Breeder of Full-Blood Registered Poland China Hogs. Born in Ohio 1864. Came to Isabella Co. 1885.


HUTCHINSON, Wm H.        Farming. Born in Ohio 1876. Came to Isabaella Co. 1882.


JACKSON, John                    Farming. Came to Isabella Co 1873. Served in Co. F, Seventh West Virginia during the war of the Rebellion.


KEYS, L. D.                           Farming. Born in Coe Twp. 1868.


LEONARD, S. G. & Co.        General Merchandise, Dry Goods, Groceries, Notions, Patent Medicines, Agricultural Implements. Mr. Leonard is Postmaster of Coe and is also a Justice of the Peace and Notary Public.


McCLELLAN, C. S.              Carpenter, Contractor and Builder. Proprietor of Planing and Feed Mill.


McCLELLAN, R. S.              Carpenter, Contractor and Builder. Proprietor of Planing and Feed Mill.


McCLELLAN, W. G.            General Farming.


MEYER. A. A.                       Farming and Sugar Beet Raising. Proprietor of Deer Park.


MILLER, Wm. O.                  Farming and Lumbering.


OLDS, F.                                Farming. Born in Michigan 1838. Came to Isabella Co 1879.


STAHLMAN, F. C.                Farming. Born in Coe Twp. 1872.


STILGENBAUER, H.            Farming. Born in Ohio 1856. Came to Isabella Co. 1887.


WONCH, Wm.                       Farming. Born in Coe Twp. 1868.


WONCH, Hiram                    Farming. Born in Coe Twp. 1864.


WETSEL, Lewis                    General Farming and Town Supervisor.


WHITE, Orin E.                     Farming and Breedere of Graded Short Horn Cattle. Born in Michigan 1869, came to Isabella Co. 1898.



ASHWORTH, E.                    Town Treasurer. Born in Canada 1844. Came to Isabella Co. 1864.


BICKNELL, James S.            Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Groceries and Visions. Highest Market Price Paid for Butter and Eggs at times.


BROWN, W. E.                      Editor and Publisher of the Isabella County Republican.


CLAY, Allen                          Carpenter, Contractor and Builder.


BANK                                    President, I. N. Shepherd; First Vice-Pres, Mrs. B. J. White; Second Vice-Pres, Thomas Hannett; Cashier, W. E. Adams; Directors: I. N. Shepherd, Thos. Hannett, Mrs. I White, L. D. Estee, Mrs. M. A. Taylor, A. C. Vredenburg, O. H. Adams, W. H. Kinter, H. D. Bent. Does General Banking Business.


ESTEE, L. D.                         Dealer in Grain, Clover Seed and Lumber. Best Grades of Seed Grains of all kinds Bought and Sold. Elevators on the Ann Arbor Railroad.


FIELD, C. C.                          Proprietor of Shepherd Roller Mill. Manufactures Flour, Feed and Buckwheat flour.


HUSTED, H. B.                     Proprietor of Shepherd Foundry. Manufactures Stell Plows and Land Rollers. A Specialty of Repairs for Boilers and Engines. Heavy Castings of all kinds.


RICHMOND, R. C.                Proprietor of The Taylor House.


RIESS, C. V.                          Bicycle Works. All kinds of Cycle Work done promptly. Fine Work a Specialty. Wheels Made to Order. Factory on Wright Avenue. Gunsmith and general Repair Shop.


SAWYER, C. W.                   Farmer and Township Clerk.


SMITH, Nelson                      Livery, Sale and Feed Stable. Fine Turnouts. Your Patronage Solicited. Hearse in Connection.


STRUBLE, A. G.                   Albert G. Struble was born in Williams County, Ohio October 1864 and came with his parents (Henry and Eliza Struble) to Isabella Co. In the spring of 1868, and his residence here ever since. He has three brothers, N. W., J. H. And K. E. Struble, who are prominent business men in Shepherd this county, and two sisters, Mrs. Zilla A. Conkling and Mrs. S. Maria Murtha, both residing in this county. Mr. Struble was married to Miss Jennie E. Morris, of Lincoln twp., this county 7 Oct 1885 and on Jan. 10, 1890 was born to them a daughter (Edna Alberta Struble). In the fall of 1888 Mr. Struble embarked in the Agricultural Implement Business in Shepherd and has continued in the same business ever since. He has for sale a full line of Agricultural Implements, Buggies, Wagons, etc; also has the agency for the Deering Harvesting Machinery, and keeps on hand a full line of all kinds of Repairs for everything in his line of goods.


STRUBLE, J. H.                    Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Carpets, Wall Paper, etc. Jason H. Struble is the second son of Henry and Ellsa (Wickham) Struble of Shepherd. He was born at Primrose, Williams Co., Ohio 18 July 1862. Removed with his parents in June 1868 to Shepherd (then called Salt River), Isabella Co., where he and his family, consissting of his parents and three brothers (N. W., A. G. And K. E. Struble) and two sisters, (Mrs. Zilla A. Conkling and Mrs. S. Maria Murtha) all continue to reside. He attended the village schools, and at the age of fourteen began clerking in a store, which occupation he followed until he was twenty-one years of age, when he purchased from his brother, N. W. Struble, a half interest in his general store, after which a prosperous balance in this line was carried on by them under the firm name of N. W. & J. H. Struble until March 14, 1892, when he bought out his brother’s interest in the business and became sole owner, since which he has enjoyed a good and increased business. His stock is one of the largest in the county, and is selected with great care and well adapted to meet the demands of the consumers in this locality. Mr. Struble was married @ Jan 1888 to Miss Lola UPTON, second daughter of Mr. And Mrs. J. J. Upton of Shepherd. He takes a great interest in fraternal orders, is a member of the orders of F. And A. M. And the K. O. T. M. And has served two terms as Master of Salt River Lodge, No 288, F. ^ A. M., also one term as Commander of Shepherd Tent, No. 237, K. O. T. M., besides filling various other offices in both lodges. Politically, Mr. Struble is a Republican, but is not a politician. He has never aspired to on office, but has sereral times, at the request of his friends, consented to accept various township and village offices, the duties of which were performed eminently satisfactory to his constituents.


STRUBLE, N. W.                  Dealer in Shelf and General Hardware, Crockery, Glassware, Paints and Oils, Brick, Lime and Tile, Sash, Doors and Pumps, Bicycles and Bicycle Supplies. Established in 1875. Mr. Struble was born in Williams Co., Ohio the 22 Sept 1852, received a common-school education and remained at home with his parents till nearly twenty-four years of age. Came to Isabella Co. In the fall of 1868 and assisted his father in the store until October 20, 1875, when he bought out his father. He still owns the place, and is carrying on business with fine success. Mr. Struble is a member of the Blue Lodge, F. And A. M. And also of the R. A. M. At Mt. Pleasant; is also a member of the I. O. O. F. In political matters he belongs to the Republican party. January 18, 1879 Mr. Struble married Miss Nettie T., daughter of James B. And Lucy H. Allen, natives of Oakland Co., MI. Mrs. Struble was born in Gratiot Co., MI 12 May 1856.


SWEATLAND, Arthur E.      Physician and Surgeon


TAYLOR & SHAWL            Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Groceries and Provisions, Notions, etc.


VILLAGE OF SHEPHERD   O. L. White, President


WELLMAN, R.                      Justice of the Peace


WHITE, O. L.                        Dealer in Live Stock, Potatoes, etc.


WOLCOTT & FOUTE          Dealers in Poultry, Groceries, Apples, Beans, Notions, Wool and Potatoes.



ALLEN, Geo. H.                    Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing and Groceries.


BELLOWS, Austin J.             Farming


BONE, Francis                       Farming. Born in Ireland in 1844. Mr. Bone enlisted in Co. E., 27th Michigan Inf. Oct 29, 1862 and was honorably discharged Nov. 9, 1864. He has six children, three boys and three girls.


BONE, Patrick                       Farming and Stock Raising. Born on Homestead Farm 1876.


FORBES, John                       Farming


FRYE, S. F.                            Dealer in Drugs and Groceries. Postmaster and Town Clerk.


HAMMOND, S. C.                Farming. Town Supervisor


ROBERTS, H. L.                   Farming and Stock Raising.



ANNIS, Jas. L.                       Farming. Born in MI 1864


ASH, Samuel & J. H.             Farming and Stock Raising


COOMER, N. V.                    Farming and Dealer in Groceries. Postmaster, Justice of the Peace and Town School Inspector.


CRAFT, Samuel                     General Farming. Born in Ohio in 1832. Came to Isabella Co., 1879.


EGLESTON, Henry A.          Farmer and Dealer in General Merchandise. Has been Town Clerk for three years.


HOGG, Thomas                     Farming and Township Treasurer


JOHNSTON, Wm.                 Farming and Town School Inspector. Born in Canada in 1874. Came to U. S. 1883.


JOHNSTON, David               Farming. Born in Ireland 1843. Came to America 1848. Came to Isabella Co 1883. Has six children, five girls and one boy.


MURPHY, G. B.                    Farming and Stock Raising


PURTILL, Edward                 Farming


QUILLEN, M.                        Farming


RUSSELL, Wesley A.            Farming


WESTON, A. D.                    Farming


WYKES, John                        Proprietor of Wyke’s Magnetic Mineral Flow. Are you in search of Health? If so, drink of the water from Wykes’ Magnetic Mineral Flow. It will cure Rheumatism, Gout, Paralysis, Neuralgic Affections, Bright’s Disease, Insomnia, Piles, Erysipelas, Salt Rheum, Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Stomach, Rectal, Kidney - Bladder Disease, Gall Stones and Gravel. It is Clear, Sparkling, Tasteless and Perfectly Pure, is a beautiful health-giving Table Water. Shipped in Bottles anywere in U. S. And Canada.



CANFIELD, H.                      Farming. Born in MI 1865.


COOPER, Walter                   General Farming.


CONLEY, John                      Farming. Born in Canada 1834. Came to America in 1855 and to Michigan in 1865.


DENMAN, A. B .                   Farming. Born in MI 1850.


DRAKE, Jasper N.                 Farming. Born in MI 1837. Came to Isabella Co 1874.


HART, Hugh                          Farming. Born in Canada 1861. Came to MI 1873.


HARRIS, Michael                  Farming. Born in Canada 1832. Came to MI 1881.


HOVEY, Wm. M.                  General Farming.


PROUT, Thomas M.              General Farming.


REEF, Samuel                        Farming. Born in Ohio 1846. Came to MI 1898.


SLATTERY, Wm.                 Farming. Township Clerk.


THOMPSON, Wm.                Farming.


VAHEY, James                      Farming.


WASHBURN, J.                    Farming.



ANDERSON, Frank               Farming. Born in MI 1855. Came to Isabella Co. 1878. Married Miss Mary Liverton in 1875. Has one child, a daughter.


ALLYN, E. H.                        Farming.


ADAMS & SON                    Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Groceries, Provisions and Hardware.


BAKER, Josiah                      Farming.


CURTIS, Chas F.                   Farming. Born in New York 1857. Came to MI 1889. Has been Town Supervisor three terms.


DEMLOW, Charels               Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Germany 1845. Came to America 1854 and to Isabella Co. 1881. Has twelve children, seven boys and five girls.


DEMLOW, Chas M.              Farming and Stock Raising. Born in New York 1871. Came to MI 1878. Married Miss Ida Richardson on 14 Mar 1895.


EVERTS, W. J.                      Farming. Born in Pennsylvania 1862. Came to Isabella Co 1879. Married Miss Mary Crum in 1881. Has sic children, four boys and two girls.


FOX, John                              Farming. Born in Canada 1845. Came to MI 1866 and settled in Fremont 1880.


HIRZEL, D. C.                       Farming. Born in New York 1856. Came to MI 1876 and settled in Fremont twp. 1878.


HOWE, H. H.                         Farming.


MOOR, D. K.                         Farming. Born in Pennsylvania 1842. Came to MI 1866. One of the earliest settlers in Fremont township. Has held the office of Town Treasurer fourteen years.


PIERCE, L. A.                        Farming. Born in MI 1856 and came to Isabella Co. 1889. Married Miss Cora Stowel in 1879. Has three children, two girls and one boy.


PIERPONT, W. N.                 Farming.


RICHARDSON, D. D.           Farming. Born in Fremont twp 1870. Married Miss Nina E. Proudley 1894. Mr. Richardson raises Full-Blood Durham Cattle.



RICHARDSON, S. B.            Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Maine 1833. Came to MI 1869.



RICHARDSON, S. S.            Farming. Born in Maine in 1826. Came to MI 1868.



SANDBROOK, George         Farming and Stock Raising. Born in England 1842. Came to America 1867 and to Isabella Co. 1868.



SANDBROOK, John             Farming and Stock Raising. Born in England 1844, came to America 1868 and to Isabella Co. 1870.



SANDBROOK, Thomas        Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Fremont, Isabella Co 1874. Married Miss Maggie Henderson 1894. Has two children, both boys.



STUTTING, H.                      Farming.


VANATTA, Wm. L.              Farming. Born in MI 1865. Settled in Isabella Co 1877. Married Miss Laura Gage 1895. Has two children.



WILLIAMS, Francis              Farming.


WILLS, James                        Farming. Born in Canada 1851. Came to Mi 1865.


WOLFGANG, Edward          Farming.



BAWKEY, James C.              Threshing


BRASINGTON, J. B.             Farming.


BRASINGTON, S. G.            Farming


FREEMAN, C. H.                  Farming and Town Supervisor


FREEMAN, W. S.                  Farming


PERRY, H. A.                        Farming and Justice of the Peace


SAWYER, S. W.                    Farming and Town Clerk 


WOOD, J. H. & Son               Dealers in General Merchandise and Lumber



ALVORD, Frank                    Proprietor of the Alvord Hotel.


CLARE, F. J.                          Farmer. Born in Erie Co. 1859, removed to Isabella Co 1881.


DEVLIN, John                       Farmer. Born in Deerfield, MI. Removed to Isabella Co. 1876.


ERVIN, Isaac                         Stock Buyer. Born in MI 1860.


GRUETT, Phillip                   Farmer. Born in Gratiot Co., MI 1847. Removed to Isabella Co. 1861.


HARRISON, Robt. J.             Farming.


KENNEDY, R. L.                  Farmer. Born in Canada 1842. Moved to Kansas 1864. Came to MI 1870.


McDONALD, John                Hotel


MENDHAM, J. F. L.             Mason and Farmer. Born in MI 1856.


MORRISON, P. J.                  Farming. Born in MI 1864.


SCHNELL, G. M.                  Farmer. Born in MI 1855.


WALTON, John                     Farming and Stock Raising.


WEST, William                      Farming and Town Treasurer. Born in St. Mary’s, Ontario 1849. Moved to Isabella Co. 1880.



AYLING, James                     Farming. Born in Surrey Co., England 1823. Came to Penn 1835 and to MI 1867.


BAILEY, Claude                    General Farming.


BEEBE, H.                             Farming. Enlisted in the army at the age of 17.


BERRYHILL, Wm. A.          Farming and Breeder of Full-blood Durham Cattle. Was born in Ohio 1849 and came to MI 1880 and located where he lives at the present time.


CANFIELD, Benjamin          Farming. Born in Ohio 1832. Moved to New York State with his parents at the age of 3. In 1857 he moved to MI and located in Eureka Town, Mt. Calm Co. In 1862 he enlisted in the army and served in Co. F., sfst, Inf., where he took part in all the battles fought by his regiment until peace was declared. He was wounded in the right arm while in the battle of Chickamauga, which took place the 20th of Sept 1863. Was wounded the second time Mar 19th, 1865 during the battle at Bentonville, N.C., under General Sherman. Suffered the loss of his right arm “which was amputated at the shoulder,” after being broken in battle. Was discharged and mustered out at McDugel’s Hospital, N. Y. June 10, 1865. Returned to MI and located in Lincoln, Isabella Co., in the spring of 1879.


COOK, W. S.                         Farming and Stock Raising. Born in England 1853. Came to America in 1856 and located in Oakland Co. Came to Isabella Co in 1890.


COPEMAN, H. B.                  Farming, Stock Raising and Fruit Growing.


DEMING, John W.                Farming. Born in MI 1855. Came to this county with his parents and located on Section 28 in 1876.


DEMING, L. P.                      Born in Ohio 1845. Enlisted in the army Dec 1862, joining Company E, and fought in all company battles but one. Mustered out July 28, 1865 at Wash. D C. Has been married three times and has five children living. Located where he now lives in 1867. Was the first to raise the colors at the court-house of Petersburg. Was wounded several times during the war, and now suffers a great deal of sickness brought on from exposure.


DEMING, R.                          General Farming. Born in Ohio 1848. Came to MI 1861. Located in Isabella Co. 1879. Was married to Miss Deborrak on Sept 10th, 1887.


DEMING, Wm. D.                 Farming. Born in Ohio 1845. Came to Eaton Co., MI 1855 and moved to Isabella Co 1863 and located in Lincoln twp. Enlisted in Co. H, 8th MI Cav. On Apr 10, 1865 under command of Gen. Thomas. Was dischared in Oct 1865 and returned to his home in MI. Was married to his present wife Sept 7, 1879.


DUBIOS, F. C.                       Farming. Born in New York 1862. Came to MI 1865. Was married to Miss Nettie Viedenburg on Nov 6, 1889 and located on Section 12 the same year.


EARL, Samuel                       Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Ohio 1830. Came to Isabella Co. 1879.


EVERDEN, W. D. & Mrs.     Farming. Mr. Everden was born in New York in 1834. Came to Isabella Co. 1868. Served in the 3rd Penn. Heavy Artillery under Col. Roberts. Mrs. Everden was born in New York in 1839. Her maiden name was Gould.


FARNAN, Cornelius              Farming and Stock Raising.


GATES, Samuel E.                Farming. Born in Ohio 1858. Was brought to Isabella Co. By his parents. Married Miss Thatcher on Jan 18, 1891.


GOSSLINE, Louis                 General Farming.


GOULD, Margaret E.             Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Ohio 1848. Came to Isabella Co. 1884.


HUNT, J. A. & H. J.               Dealers in General Merchandise and Farm Implements, Butter, Eggs and Poultry, Wagons, Buggies, Sleighs, Plows and Harrows.


KNIFFEN, Ralph                   Farming and Breeder of High-grade Stock. Box 604.


LANDON, K. L.                    General Farming. Born in Ohio 1849.


McMACKEN, J.                    Farming. Born in Ohio 1838. Came to Isabella Co. April 18, 1886.


McMILLEN, Clark                Farming. Born in Ohio 1845. Came to Monroe Co., MI 1854 and to Isabella Co. 1885. 


McQUEEN, Willard               Farming.


O’BOYLE, Thos & Dan’l     Farming.


RANOUS, Benson                 General Farming.


RICE, Wm. R.                        General Farming.


ROETHLISBERGER, John   Farming and Stock Raising.


ROOT, M. M.                         Farming. Born in New York in 1835. Came to MI and located in Mt. Pleasant in 1887. Lived there four years and moved to Lincoln twp, where he now lives.


SANDERS, S. D.                   Farming.


SANFORD, Peter                   Farming and Stock Raising.


SCHOOLEY, Geo. W.           Farming. Town Supervisor.


STELL, Wm. H.                     General Farming.


TOMLINSON, Wm.              Farming.


VREDENBURG, Geo H.       Superintendent County Poor Farm.


WASSERMANN, A.             General Farming. Born in Germany in 1865. Came to America in 1882 and located in Ohio. Was married to Miss R. Anna HOFFMAN on Apr 24, 1888. Came to Isabella Co. 1898.

WELCH, R. E & Mrs

Isabella                                   Farming. Mr. Welch was born in Ohio 1860 and came to MI with his parents and first located in Gratiot Co. Came to Isabella Co 1875. Mrs. Welsh was one of the first white girls born in Isabella Co., and the first in Lincoln twp.


WONSEY, Elias                     Farming.



ANDRES, A. & E.                 Farming and Stock Raising.


ARENA, Jacob                       Farming. Mr. Arena was born in Germany in 1830. Came to America in 1868 and located in Wisconsin. Came to Isabella Co. 1887.


BEACH, Aaron S.                  Farming. Born in New York in 1847. Came to Isabella Co. 1887.


BENNETT, P. F.                    General Farming.


BENTLER, P. H.                    Farming. Born in Kent Co., MI 1871 and came to Isabella Co. 1899.


BIERSCHBACH, Peter         Farmer and Carpenter.


BITSCHNAN, Andrew          Farming. Born in York State in 1866. Came to Isabella Co. 1897.


BOYER, M. D.                       Farmer and Land Dealer. Born in MI 1852 and came to Isabella Co. 1882.


BURGESS, J.                         Farming. Born in MI in 1857 and came to Isabella Co. 1893.


BURKHART, John                Farming and Stock Raising.


BUSH, A. W.                         Farmer and Town Supervisor.


COTTER, David                    Farmer and Highway Commissioner.


DOERR, Mike                        Farmer and Justice of the Peace.


DOLL, Mathias                      Farmer and School Inspector.


DONLEY, A. B.                     Farming.


DONLEY, O. B.                     Farming. Born in MI 1869 and settled in Isabella Co. 1898.


ENGEMAN, Rev. J. D.          Catholic Priest.


GERBER, Fred & Ulrich       Farming and Stock Raising.


GRUNWALD, Peter              Farming. Born in Germany 1837.


HARTMANN, John               Farming. Born in Germany 1869. Came to America in 1874 and settled in Isabella Co. 1896.


HAZELTON, R. D.                Engineer. Accommodations for Fishermen. Boats and Fishing Tackle for Rent.


HUMPHREY, H. W.              Farming. Born in MI 1853 and came to Isabella Co. 1883.


HYSLOP, John                       Farming.


HYSLOP, Robert                   Proprietor of Coldwater Lake Summer Resort. Fine Hotel Accommodations for Visitors. Good, Safe Row-boats for Rent. Also Proprietor of Steamer making several trips daily around the entire Lake.


JERMAN, S.                          Farming. Born in MI in 1857 and came to Isabella Co 1886.


LAPEARL, Louis                   Farming and Apiarist. Highest Prices Paid for all kinds of Hard and Soft Wood. Orders Promptly Attended to.


MAEDER, John                     Farming and Town Treasurer.


MARTIN, C. J.                       Farming. Born in MI in 1860 and settled in Isabella Co. 1895.


MARTIN, J. J.                        Dealer in General Merchandise, Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Hardware and Tinware. Shipping point, Weidman.


MARTIN, Willie                    Farming. Born in MI in 1871. Located on Sec 33 of Nottawa Twp in 1896.


McALVEY, H. A.                  Farming. Born in Ohio in 1859. Came to MI in 1880 and located in Gratiot Co. Came to Isabella Co. 1890.


McCLENATHAN, John T.    Farming and Threshing. Township Clerk.


McCOLLUM, Calvin             Farming. Born in York State in 1864. Came to MI 1881.

McCOLLUM, Willard &

Emeline.                                 Farming. Mr. McCollum was born in New York in 1859. Came to MI in 1881, and was married to Miss Emeline Town in 1883.


McKINLEY, Benjamin          Farming. Born in MI in 1870. Came to Isabella Co. Jan 15, 1899.


MEAD, L. F.                          Farming and Stock Raising.


NORCUTT, M. T.                  Farming. Born in MI in 1876 and came to Isabella Co. 1899.


PARDEE, Walter J.                Farming.


PENNEY, Daniel A.              Farming.


POST, Fred J.                         Farming. Born in MI in 1872 and came to Isabella Co. 1898.


PUNG, Edward & J. W.         Farming and Stock Raising.


PUNG, Joseph                        Farmer, Contractor and Builder.


RILEY, Wm & Maggie          Farming and Stock Raising.


RUTHRUFF, Reuben             Farming.


SALCHERT, Mike & Kate    Farming and Stock Raising.


SCHAFER, Frank J.               Photographer.


SCHAFER, Clara M.             Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Ohio in 1855 and came to MI with her parents at the age of ten years. She was married to M. Schafer June 23, 1879 and moved with her husband to Isabella Co. 1879. She is the mother of five children, four of whom are still living.


SCHAFER, Mathias               Farming and Stock Raising.


SHAFER, Peter J.                   Contractor and Builder.


and P. J.                                  Farming and Stock Raising.


TAYLOR, Adelbert               Farming.


THEISEN, Nick & John         Farming.


WATLEY, Dr. S.                   Physician & Surgeon.


WEBER, Morris                     Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Germany in 1855.


WELLAND, Joe                     Farming and Stock Raising.


WIEBER, H. J.                       Farming and Stock Raising. Breeder of Full-blood Poland China Hogs.



AYLSWORTH, Peter            Proprietor of Hotel Weidman. Rates $1.00 and $1.50 per day. Good Livery in connection. A full line of Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept constantly on hand.


BEEBE, W. J.                         Blacksmith and Horseshoer. Carriage and Wagon Making. All work neatly and promptly done to order. Also dealer in all kinds of lumber.


BELL, Wm. J.                        Dealer in Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, Carpets, House Furnishings and Wall Paper. Funeral Director and Embalmer.


FISHER, G. C.                       Dealer in Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, and Agricultural Implements, Lime, Hair and Cement. Also Wood, Bolts, etc.


GARBERT, Wm.                   Blacksmith and Horseshoer. Carriage and Wagon Maker. All work neatly and promptly done to order.


GIBBS, R. F.                          Proprietor of Hotel Gibbs. Rates $1.00 and $1.50 per day. House entirely remodeled. First-class livery in connection.


HOLMES & ANDERSON    Manufacturers of Flour, Feed and Grains.


WEIDMAN, John S.              Manufacturer of and wholesale dealer in Lumber, Lath, and Shingles. Office and Mills, Weidman, Michigan.



BECKLEY, A.                       General Farming.


DENSMORE, H. L.               General Farming.


HOUGHTON, Dr. L. A.         Physician and Surgeon.


ROGERS & FITZGERALD  Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Farm Machinery, etc.


SCALLAN, M.                       Foreman for Whitney & Remick.


SNYDER, Wm. A.                 General Farming and Commissioner of Highways.


STANDISH, F. E.                  Dealer in Groceries, Drugs, etc. Proprietor of Livery and Feed Stable. Township Treasurer.


WOOD, Chas. S.                    General Farming.



BENN, E. W.                          Dealer in Drugs, Medicines and Choice Family Groceries.


BEUTLER, John                    Farming and Stock Raising.


DENSLOW, Grant H.            Proprietor of Saw and Shingle Mill. Deputy County Surveyor.


DENSLOW, W. G.                General Farming. Town Supervisor.


FALING, Neil                        General Farming.


GARDNER, R. H.                  Garming and Agent for Woodworth Lands in Sherman Township.


GASKILL, H.                         Farming.


HEIN, John                             General Farming.


HOLSTED, E. M.                  General Farming.


KIRVAN, S.                           General Farming and Justice of the Peace.


MECUM, David P.                 Farming and Dealer in Groceries, Drygoods, Notions, etc.


MECUM, R.                           General Farming.


SMITH, Asa A.                      Farming. Town Clerk and Justice of the Peace.


THOMPSON, Wm                 Farming.


WAIGHT, Geo. W.                Farming. Notary Public and Deputy Sheriff, Director School District No. 3.


WOODARD, F. D.                 General Farming.



CAMERON, J. R.                  Dealer in Drugs and Hardware, Wall Paper, Agricultural Implements and Harness. Postmaster of Sherman City.


EDMONDS, Frank                 Cheese Maker


JOHNSON, Gilbert                Dealer in General Merchandise.


MacKERSIE, James               Notary Public.


RETAN, Melvin                     Proprietor of Sherman City Hotel.


ROGERS, H. C.                     Manufacturer of and Dealer in First-class Pine and Cedar Shingles.


SOPER, C. L.                         Physician and Surgeon.



ALLEN, Henry                       General Farming


BECHTEL, F. W.                   General Farming. Township Treasurer


BELLNAP, A. H.                   Farming.


BLIZARD, John                     Farming and Fruit Raising. Bone in England 1849. Came to America in 1853 and located with his parents in Michigan. Located in Isabella Co. 1880.


BOURGEOIS, L. P.               Farming. Born in New York 1849 and came to Isabella Co. 1892.


BROWN, Robt.                      Farming.


COLLIN, Thos. P.                  Farming and Fruit-growing. Proprietor of Maple Glen Poultry Yard.


FASNACHT, Wesley             Farming.


FERRIS, Eli                           Farming and Breeder of Full-blood Shropshire Sheep, Poland China Hogs. Owner of Full-blood Galloway Bull.


GILBERT, Henry                   General Farming. Born in Vermont in 1868 and came to Isabella Co 1879.


HARKINS, H.                        General Farming.


HOBBS, Mason                     Farming. Born in Eaton Co., MI 1868. Came to Isabella Co. 1881.


HOOP, G. F.                           General Farming. Box 608.


HUNGERFORD, M. M.        Farming and Apiary.


JENNER, F. D.                       General Farming.


KANE, M. E.                          Farming and Stock Raising. Town Supervisor.


KANE, Mik                            Farming.


MANAUSA, H. A.                 Farming. Born in Wayne Co., MI 1830, came to Isabella Co. May 25, 1879.


MAXWELL, John                  General Farming.


McDONALD, Geo. P.            Farming.


McLACHIAN, Daniel            Farming.


MOSS, Noble                         General Farming.


MYERS, C. J.                         Farming and Stock Raising. Breeder of Full-blood Short-horn Cattle. Dealer in Live-stock.


MYERS, Joseph                     Farming and Stock Raising. Breeder of Full-blood Short-horn Cattle. Born in New York 1827, came to Isabella Co. 1880.


RICHARDSON, D. L.           General Farming.


RILEY, L. P.                          General Farming.


ROBERTSON, Add               Farming and Breeder of Percheron Horses. Born in Saginaw, MI 1876 and came to Isabella Co. 1878


ROOT, T. J.                            Farming and Breeder of Full-blood Chester White Hogs.


WHEELER, Homer               General Farming.


ZIMMERMAN, Chas            Farming.



ACKERMAN, J                     Dealer in Wagons, Buggies and Agricultural Implements. Agency for the celebrated Empire Drills, Thomas Haqy Rakes, Disc Harrows and Plymouth Twine. Buggies and Carriages a specialty.


ADAMS, O. H.                      County Treasurer


BASKERVILLE, C. M.         Physician and Surgeon.


BOWEN, C. D.                      Publisher of the Central Michigan Times.


BOWEN, E. S.                       Real Estate, Loans and Insurance.


BRINGARD, Frank               Proprietor of “The Hub” Liquor Store and Restaurant. Wines, Liquors, Tobaccos, Cigars, Pool and Billards. Telephone No. 36.


BURCH, Lewis J.                   Physician and Surgeon.


BURDICK, O. L.                   Commissioner of Schools.


BUTCHER, John F & Co.      Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in Hardwood, Pine and Hemlock Lumber and Shingles. Planing Mill in connection. Hardwood Lumber a specialty. Also Dealers in General Merchandise, Groceries, Provisions, Dry Goods, Hay, Grain, Feed, etc.


CARNAHAN, Will                Proprietor of the new Livery and Feed Barn, Lansing Street, North of Broadway. Telephone No. 39. Special attention given to Auctioneering. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


COFFEY BROS.                    Dealers in Agricultural Implements.


COLE & ROOT                     Planing and Novelty Woodworks.


CONRAD, I. N.                      Proprietor of Iron Works and Manufacturer of all kinds of Mill Machinery , Drag Saws and Jack Works, Gang Rip Saws, Heading Bolt Pealers, Upright Gang Saws, Light Lumber Edgers, Gang Veneer Trimmers, Hub Boring and Ruffing Machines.


COUTANT, A. S.                  Publisher of Isabella County Enterprise.


DAY, Geo. H.                        Proprietor of Bennett House. Bus to and from all Trains.


DEUEL, H. Edward               Real Estate, Loans, etc.


DITTMANN, H. & Son         Dealers in Boots, Shoes and Rubber Goods.


DODDS, F. H.                        Attorney-at-law.


DONOVAN, P. C.                  Proprietor of the Donovan House. Steam Heated, Electric Lighted and First Class in every respect. Free Bus to and from all trains.


DOUGHY, W.                        Dry Goods and Carpets. 106 Broadway. Mr. Doughty is one of the oldest pioneer merchants, established in 1868 in Isabella Co. His stock of Dry Goods, Carpets, etc, is one of the largest to be found in Central Michigan. Always on hand a complete assortment of Dress Goods, Notions, Domestics, Linens, Silks, Velvets, Ribbons, Laces, Corsets, Underware, Hoslery, Mackintoshes, Umbrellas, Upholstery and Drapery Goods. On second floor a complete line of Carpets, Mattings, Rugs, Oil, Cloths, Linoleums, Lace and Tapestry Curtains, Draperies, Window shades, Ladies’, Misses; and children’s jackets, Read-made Skirts, Suits, etc.


EXCHANGE SAVINGS BANK       John Kinney, President; L. N. Smith, Vice-Pres., G. A. Dusenbury, Cashier, Directors: D. H. Nelson, G. A. Dusenbury, I. N. Smith, John Kinney, W. C. Dusenbury, C. M. Brooks, O. F. Sheldon. This bank pays 4 per cent interest on savings deposited.


FANCHER, L. A.                   Attorney


GARVEY, Phil H.                  Proprietor of Main Street Livery Barn and Sale Stables. Buys and Sells Horses, Buggies and Cutters. Opposite F. & P. M. R. R. Depot.


GORHAM BROS. CO           Manufacturers of Baskets, Veneers and Thin Cut Lumber, Trunk Slats. C. R. Gorham, Pres; A. E. Gorham, Vice-Pres; E. S. Gorham, Treasurer: F. J. Welton, Secretary.


HANCE & DEVEREAUX    Real Estate and Mortgage Loans.


HARRIS MILLING CO, Ltd.Manufacturers of High Grade Winter Wheat Flour. Wholsale Ground Feed, Mill Feed, Coarse Meal, Corn and Oats. Our Brands - Pure Buckwheat, Choice Graham and Roller Straight.


JAMESON, I. R.                    Isabella County Abstracts and Tax History.


JAMISON, Samuel J.             Collector. Personal attention given all claims. References - Exchange Savings Bank, Mt. Pleasant Commercial State Bank, Shepherd.


JOHNSON BROS.                 Dealers in and Manufacturers of Ladies’ and Gents’ Fine Shoes. Ladies’ Fine Shoes and all Rubber Goods a Specialty. Repairing Neatly and Promptly Excuted..


KENNEDY BROS.                General Dray Line and Feed Store. Dealers in Remer Bros’ Kelly Island Lime, Akron Cement, German Portland Cement Hair, Lath, Land Plaster, Calcine Plaster, Coal, Fire Clay and Fire Brick.


KINCH & GRAVENSTINE  Proprietors of Mt. Pleasant Steam Laundry.


LARKINS, D. A.                    Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Main Street.


LEATON, Mrs. J. C.              Real Estate.


LIVINGSTON, J. A.              Mortgages, Loans and Real Estate.


LOVELAND, A. A.               Attorney and Counsellor-at-law. Solicitor in Chancery.


MARSH & LEWIS                Clothiers. Gents’ Fine Furnishings, Hats and Caps, Trunks and Valises, Gloves and Mittens.


MILLER, H. A.                      Proprietor of The Mt. Pleasant Democrat.


MORRISON, John W            Dealer in Aagricultural Implements, Wagons, Buggies, Harness, etc.


MORRISON, Mathew           Register of Deeds.


MYERS, A. A.                       Proprietor Farmers’ Feed Barn. Good accommodations for work teams and wagons. Corner of Michigan and Franklin Streets. East of Post-Office.


NELSON, D. H.                     Real Estate and Loans


NEWTON, L. D.                    Contractor and Builder


PICKARD, William               Room 7, Commercial Block.


PRESTON, W. E.                   Real Estate and Loans.


REED, George                       Attorney-at-law.


RICHMOND CO.                  Proprietors City Star Laundry, Corner Maple and Normal Avenues.


RICHMOND, John                The senior partner of the Richmond Company, was born in the town of Louisville, St. Lawrence Co., State of New York in 1843, and was raised on a farm. At the age of fifteen he left home to learn the miller’s trade. At the call of Abraham Lincoln for more men in 1862, he enlisted in Co. C., 142nd N. Y. S. V., and served until the close of the war. He was wounded in the breatworks before Petersburg by the bursting of a shell on July 7, 1864, after which time he did no more actual duty. In 1867 he came west to Wisconsin, and from that time until Feb. 1879, he spent most of his time in Wisconsin and Minnesota. In 1879, he came to Mt. Pleasant, MI and worked for the F. & P. M. Railway Co., continuing in their employment until April 1, 1896, when he embarked in the laundry business, which he has carried on successfully to the present time.


ROWLADER, A. C.              County Clerk


RUSSELL & McNAMERA   Attorneys-at-law. Office in Commercial Bank Block.


RUSH, Charles                       Proprietor of the Senate Sample Room and Restaurant.


SANFORD, H. A.                  Attorney-at-law.


SHELDON, O. F.                   Attorney-at-law


SMITHERS, E. C.                  Dealer in Agricultural Implements, Wagons and Carriages.


TIFFANY, L. M.                    Manufacturer and Dealer in Lumber.



                                                Indian School Services. Office of the Superintendent.


WALLINGTON, F. C.           Attorney


WEBBER & RUEL               Bankers. Responsibility $150,000. Special attention given to Collections, Correspondents: New York, Chas National Bank; Detroit, Detroit National Bank. Elton J. Van Leuven, Cashier.


WHITNEY, Wm. T.               Justice of the Peace.


YOUNG, A. L.                       Dealer in Real Estate. Wild Lands, Farms, Acreage Lots and City Property a Specialty. Abstracts made form original records of any lands in Isabella County. Money to loan. Insurance in connection and best companies represented.


ZANK, J. E.                            Tailor’s Exchange. The Leading American Tailor. Up-to-date and all work warranted to fit. Headquarters for all kinds of Wearing Apparel.



BEITTY, R. B.                       Farming.


DAIN, F. M.                           Farming.


DEREMER, A. C.                  Proprietor of Stevenson Lake Summer Resort.


DERSNAH, Wm. E.              Farming


DIXON, Joseph                      Farming


DOHERTY, J. H.                   Mr. Doherty is Proprietor of Kilarney Farm, Sec. 27, and spends his summers in running his farm. He is also one of Clare’s prominent merchants and deals in Shelf and Heavy Hardward, Agricultural Implements, etc.


DUNCAN, Wm.                     Farming


FLOOD, C.                             Farming


GILBERT, J. C.                      Farming


GORR, Frank F.                     Farming


RUSSELL, Edwin                  Farming and Stock Raising.


STINE, G. W.                         Farming


TIRBUSH, J. B.                     Farming


WILLEY, Levi                       Farming.



ALLEN, E. W.                       Justice of the Peace and Farmer. Grower of all kinds of Fruit, making a specialty of Apples, Pears and Peaches.


LANSING, John H.                Farming. Born in Canada in 1855. Came to MI in 1876. Has been Township Treasurer four terms and at present is Town Supervisor.


McDONALD, A. O.               Farmer. Born in Canada in 1855. Came to Wise twp in 1886.


MENEREY, Mart                   Farming. Born in MI in 1869. Holds the office of Town Clerk.


PARSELLS, W. D.                Farming.


ROBISON, T. W.                   Farmer and Justice of the Peace. Born in Canada in 1840 and came to Wise twp in 1871. Has been Jusstice of the Peace 25 years.


TUCKER, M. W.                   Notary Public


ZELTER, S. C.                       Postmaster and Farmer. Director of School District No. 1. Owner of Saw and Shingle Mill. Dealer in and Manufacturer of Hard and Soft Wood, Lumber, Shingles, Railroad Ties, etc.



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