1891 District 4 Nottawa School Census 

Della Busch194
Julin Busch164
Ora Busch104
Pierce Simmers184
Thresa Simmers164
Emeline Simmers154
Joseph Simmers144
Lovinia Simmers124
Elijah Simmers114
Katie Simmers94
Frank Simmers54
James Commorett84
Sahmuel Ervin114
Abagl Ervin94
Robert Ervin74
Frtiz Nichols174
Roy Nichols134
Patience Nichols1114
Hopw Nichols84
Katie Shafer174
Adam Shafer134
Mary Shafer154
Peter Shafer114
Bennett Van Decar134
Edwin Van Decar84
Emma Van Decar154
Mable Van Decar74
Mary Van Decar64
Fred Lapearl94
Bertha Lapearl74
Jacob Neier194
Willie Gachter174
Robert Gachter134
Edward Gachter94
Maggie Gachter74
Julia Star114
Ida Starr84
Willie Star64
Ellis Vagl184
Frank Vagl164
Theresa Vagl144
Malgalan Vagl134
Clara Vagle124
Charlie Vagle194
Ada Vagle74
Albert Vagle64
Henry Pohl174
Rosa Pohl154
Katie Pohl134
Lena Pohl114
Dina Pohl84
Christena Pohl64
Edward Pung134
Lena Pung114
Lousia Pung94
Willie Pung74
Lizzie Pung54
Emma Jackson94
George Mead194
Mary Mead174
Thomas Mead144
James Mead114
Katie Palmer74
Myrtle Palmer54
Mary Pego184
Frank Adams74
Lula Adams54
Albert Cober84
Jane Menary134
Eliza Menary114
Willard Menary94
Alice Menary84
Luzadore Menary64
Mary Tilman64
Mary Riley64
Johney Neeland74
Adam Scott74


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