1888 District 4 Nottawa School Census

Della Bush16
Julian Bush13
Ora Bush7
John Simmer19
Adam Simmer17
Louisa Simmer18
Pierce Simmer15
Theresa Simmer13
Emaline Simmer12
Joseph Simmer11
Lovinia Simmer9
Eliza Simmer8
Katy Simmer6
Jacob Cob moosa13
Mahbese Wer ma gwance16
Abigal Ervin6
Samuel Ervin8
Fritz G. Nichols14
Roy E. Nichols10
Patience Nichols8
Hope Nichols6
Katy Schafer14
Mary Schafer12
Andrew Schafer10
Peter Schafer8
Bennett Van Decar10
Arthur Mills6
Emma Van Decar12
Rosa Miller14
Tommy Miller9
Jacob Neier16
Gerta Avery18
Peter Avery19
Tomas Cremer7


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