Section 1
J. (G) Austin, E. Austin, C. Root, Jacob Middaugh, I. McDirmid
Section 2
John Watts, D. McClennan, Joseph Roberts, Jr.
Section 3
Geo. Fischer, C. Fisher, W.O. Bigelow
Section 4
Adam B. Walton, J.M. Sherman, John Sorff
Section 5
H. Hoerger, G. Hoerger
Section 6
Ransom Keyes, J.G. Wheaton, Geo. Atkins, H. Hoerger
Section 7
Joel Drake, S. Canute, W.H. Stewart, E. Fitzgerald
Section 8
Eben  P. Stewart, J.B. Patrick, S. Murtha
Section 9
George Miller, Ben Stid, W.B. Bower, Wm. B. Harding
Section 10
John Reynolds, Joseph Roberts, Edward Mruphy
Section 11
Patrick Fanning, Patrick Roberts, E. Roberts, George Garenfield
Section 12
Samuel Coon, JRH, Geo. W. Wright, John M. Diemert
Section 13
C.H. Barton, JRH, H.J. Burton, Chester Root
Section 14
Chester Root, A. Campbell, H.R. Throop, L. Bennett, J.L. Daring
Section 15
L. Greenfield, R.D. Harns
Section 16
Section 17
Jas. Wilsey, M.R. Hale, I. Shmit, Jas. Campbell
Section 18
P.H. Estes, C. Bigelow, I. Shmit, David Childs, D. Brickley
Section 19
Charles Cohoon, L. Cohoon, Geo. Fetchy
Section 20
Charles B. Young, George Reasoner, P. Childs, M.B., John Stewart
Section 21
John M. Ward, J. Myers, J.R., J. M., J. Oberlin, Newell J. Smith
Section 22
D. Kroll, S.P. Cronkhite, D.K., Asa johnson, Newell J. Smith, J. Oberlin
Section 23
D. Mull, Wm. Mull, W.I.R., B. Benget
Section 24
Seth R. Jepson, M.P. Davis, Daniel Shofell
Section 25
Seth R. Jepson, G. Woodmanson, S. Cattinder
Section 26
M. Loomis, I. Ingersoll, John McClelland
Section 27
N.J. Smith, D.C. Williams, D. Pell
Section 28
M. Wilcox, A. Drake, Jackson West, H. Cohoon
Section 29
David Sanders, A.J. Childs, W. Robinson, E.P. Robbins
Section 30
A. Donaldson, Samuel Sanders, EBW
Section 31
Elijah P. Saunders, U.M.K., J.C. Wilcox
Section 32
J.W. Rose, A. Keyes, E. P. Plowman, george Adgate, W.F.D. Robbins, Noah Robbins
Section 33
A. Keyes, J.H. Parson, J. Cohoon, I. Thomas, I. Woodmanson, J.M. Packer
Section 34
W.D. Fuller, J.N. Gibbon, Geo. Keyes
Section 35
Henry Libarker, E.P. Eldridge, C.P. Connors
Section 36
Orlando Haynes, E. Fowler, Henry Libarker

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