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Schedule 3. - Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1860, in the Township of Isabella in the
County of Isabella, State of Michigan, enumerated by me, Malcolm D. Davis, Ass't Marshal


NAME OF EVERY PERSON WHO DIED during the year ending 1st June, 1860, whose usual place of abode at the time of death was in this family. Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed PLACE OF BIRTH THE MONTH in which the person died Profession, Occupation or Trade Disease or Cause of Death Number of days ill
Mary Kinman 7 F Indian     Michigan August   Consumption 6 months
Wob-en-e-wa 30 F Indian   Married Michigan May   Lung Fever 2 weeks
Kin-er-benequay 38 F Indian   Married Michigan July   Consumption 3 years
Ke-ge-won-e-quay 2 F Indian     Michigan March   Consumption 4 months
May-e-aw we-go-shequay 6 F Indian     Michigan January   Lung Fever 3 weeks
Eliza Him knib ne quay 19 F Indian     Michigan January   Consumption 8 months
Henry Nor-a-ke-shik 18 M Indian     Michigan March   Internal Injuries 7 weeks
Pe me-mo-gee-go-quay 25 F Indian   Married Michigan November   Consumption 1 year
Rebecca Mis-qua-gin 11 F Indian     Michigan August   Consumption 6 months
Hob sho mon-e-quay 1 F Indian     Michigan August   Unknown Instant
Mary Wen-Dos-no-quay 3 F Indian     Michigan September   Unknown 5 days
Township of Coe                    
Warren Kaise 9 M       Michigan December   Consumption 11 months
Township of Chippewa                    
Margaret Hook 69 F     Widowed Germany December   Old Age 6 weeks
Polly Frasier 84 F     Widowed Rhode Island January   Accidental Fall 6 days




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